What Tiger & I Have In Common

Tiger Woods & I may have one thing in common: we have both had our blood spun (I believe thats the past tense of blood spinning). Another branch of Neural Therapy is having blood (as opposed to platelets, like Tiger allegedly has) extracted, mixed with homeopathics, & injected back into your body on an area in need of help. This is called auto-sanguis. This type of treatment is something athletes can certainly get away with having, with the blessing of everyone, including their private mainstream physician. It is not FDA-approved. I doubt there is a lot of money in it (unless you are the physician treating Tiger).
This week & last week I had Neural Therapy two days in a row, due to Dr. Anonymouss full schedule (of mostly Fibro-sufferers, from what I can tell). He was a little concerned about herxing, & has offered the IV/Crash-out room, but I have had good results. As in actually feeling good. After injecting all the sites, it was time to start over again. Yesterday was the uber-important ganglia. It was weird: injections to the abdominal area to heal the pelvic floor. Dr. Anonymous assured me that it was not as bad as his experience getting Neural Therapy in Germany, when he was injected behind the eyeball. Luckily, I was never shot in the eye with a pellet gun as a child. In fact, I was a perfectly healthy child, relatively speaking, & I savor old pictures of myself, relishing in the remembrance of what it felt like to be myself back then. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but when I look at them, I think because my longing is so intense, I can barely think of one. I work every day to change that: to express it, expel it, live in real time, & move on, leaving the disease behind. Exhausting, right? My real challenge is simply imagining it is already gone.


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