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I Got 99 Problems, but a Doc Ain't One

Hit me! Cue Rick Rubin & his bug, puffy beard in a black & white grainy film. He waves my test results around. The music screeches to a stop.

Metametrix Urinalysis/blood work just came back. These are not exciting results, but they're results, nonetheless.

Dr. Anonymous recommended supplements, based on these findings:

Older blood work that showed continuous low ferritin (but high iron--yay for contradictions! Anonymous is still concerned--thank God for a concerned physician--weird!)

Low CoQ10

Low Branch Chain Amino Acids (isoleucine, leucine, valine)

Low D (weird; I spent all summer in the hot Texas sun)

Low E & A

Low-ish Magnesium

High Aluminum

low omega 3 (OK 6 & 9)

high indican & hippurate bacteria

Weirdly, my zinc/copper is back in balance, though I'd been working on that one. Still, I do eat a lot of chocolate.

Folate seemed a little low.

Any ideas, boys? Ladies of the forum, I would like to hear from you, too.


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