Survived the Snow

We had a *biggest in decades* snow Event (unusual in the NW) over the last 2 weeks.

(Yes I've lived in places where snow is not all by itself cause for complete & utter panic. Western WA is not one of them.)

I thought we would lose power so did all the Prep things- shopped, cooked, cleaned, filled up the bathtub etc.
The line at the grocery store was WAY worse than Christmas.

We did lose power for a day or so, overnight and change, it was fun at first.
Very fortunate to have wood stove :fire: and generator so it's not that uncomfortable.

Then had 3 people come stay with us because they all lost power- my son, his girlfriend, and a friend.

Power came back on--:rocket:- I cooked, did dishes, filled the bathtub again, took a shower, did all the Power On things.

Then lost power again and by this time I was DONE. Still fortunate, still had wood stove food etc, just DONE. :thumbdown:

Somewhere in the midst of hosting, hauling wood, shoveling snow (I should have known better)... I overspent my tiny reserves. :oops:

Or maybe it was the first night, when the power lines right outside the bedroom window exploded and woke me up.

I had no idea what was happening but turns out a branch landed on the lines caught fire - it lit up the entire neighborhood. My panicky lizard brain was convinced our house was about to burn down. :eek:

Just the adrenaline surge from that laid me up for one entire day.

And then of course I "had" to go into work which finally opened again... I made it through yesterday on fumes. That was dumb.

Now must pay with Too Tired to Even Read day on couch. :sleep:
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