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1 Week on Oura

Back in March I was determined to finally track activity and attempt to stay within energy envelope for a change.
WHAT A NOVEL IDEA.:bang-head:

I ordered
a) simplest possible Fitbit
b) Corsense HRV monitor (fingertip)

The fitbit was fun in a gamey kind of way- - it was constantly reminding me MORE STEPS. MOVE EVERY HOUR. And it was good for keeping a daily water log- it helped me renew my commitment to Sufficient Afternoon Hydration. But it kept reminding me to move even when I was exhausted.

The Corsense was okay but it kept telling me my HRV was decent even when I felt cruddy. Also the software link with my phone was not great and apparently I have terrible circulation in my fingers so the reading sometimes took a long time or didn't work.

Then I realized Price of Fitbit+ Corsense= almost an Oura and I was within return window so I sent them both back and ordered OURA instead.

OURA, 1 Week In:

1. 1 thing is easier to deal with than 2 things ;)

2. Oura readiness scores are a lot more sensitive than readiness scores based on HRV alone.

For example, this morning my READINESS score is still good but my core temp dropped which is an alert. I feel so tired I'm cutting back and cancelling my plans for the morning. I would have felt that anyway but it's interesting to see it track with 1 of the various Oura biomarkers.

3. OURA gives you all this interesting sleep data. I don't have enough baseline established to really do anything with it besides marvel. Wow are we complicated or what. Also it's interesting that Oura thinks I have decent sleep when I don't think that.

I don't have enough of a baseline for more than that yet but so far this is a good switch.


I'm interested in the Oura, but have read that the app is troublesome for some Android users and that the Oura customer service is poor. I'll have to look and see how recent those comments are.

Also, I have thin fingers, and I'm not sure the smallest size Oura, a size 6, would fit on any of my fingers or thumbs.

I'd really like to get an idea of my HRV and sleep stages, though, so I'll keep researching it. Glad you're happy with the Oura.
I'm not using android so can't speak to that. and my fingers are plenty fat enough :rofl:..... good luck!

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