Some alternative ME/CFS forums and other resources with the yahoogroups closing

I'm posting this to some yahoogroups tonight. In case it is of interest to anyone, I thought I would share it here. Tom
With yahoogroups closing on December 15, I thought I would share some links to alternative forums and some other links that people might find of use.

Phoenix Rising Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Forums <>

Science for ME: Where Science and ME/CFS Community Meet <>

Foggy Friends Where ME/CFS Sufferers Unite <>

Support & info groups

Research Charities

ME Research: lists the research projects around the world that are recruiting (currently there are 43)

Dr. Marc-Alexander Fluks finds a lot of interesting articles which he shares to various mailing lists. His website is at

I'm active on various social media channels. Here are some links:
Twitter <>
Facebook - Tom Kindlon's ME CFS & related page <>
Pinterest <>
Tumblr <>
ResearchGate <>
Instagram <>

See you all around,

Tom Kindlon


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