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A comparison of using the social media channels Mastodon and Bluesky to post about ME/CFS and long Covid

Perhaps of interest if, for example, you are thinking of joining another social media platform.

My social media channels are listed here: https://me-pedia.org/wiki/Tom_Kindlon#Online_presence
Mastodon vs Bluesky

Just in case of interest to anyone:

I now have exactly the same number of followers on Bluesky as Mastodon (904).

This is from approximately 14 months on Mastodon and 4 months on Bluesky.

It’s not a perfect comparison because I didn’t post a few times a day on Mastodon for the first few months. But since joining Bluesky, most days I would have posted pretty much the same messages to Bluesky as Mastodon.

I don’t spend that much time reading my feed on either (though I generally skim through @ahimsa’s messages on Mastodon every day and repost most of the ones relating to ME/CFS).

I don’t follow that many accounts on either (47 on Mastodon; 55 on Bluesky). Relevant as following accounts can help build a following.

For the last few months, my username on Twitter has been tomkindlon.bysky.social but I did something similar before that using my Mastodon username.

Anyway an interesting part of this is that growth in my Bluesky membership has slowed down so that for the last few weeks, it has remained similar to my Mastodon following.

Unfortunately I don’t have a good sense of any differences in the level of reposts, nor views (Twitter gives data on both)


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