(Dublin) Informal ME/CFS social meet-up hosted by Tom Kindlon (Irish ME/CFS Association)

3PM - 4:30PM on Monday, June 19
The Bell Bar & Restaurant, Dublin 15, D15 EW77, Ireland https://www.thebell.ie/

I thought I would try this. If it goes well, we might do another one at another stage.

Transport/travel: Venue is close to the M50 junction 6. There is a quite big car parking on site which should have plenty of spaces at this time of the day. Castleknock train station is 400 m away. There are bus stops very close.

All welcome. You don’t need to be a member of the Irish ME/CFS Association.

Register your interest (optional): tomkindlon [at] gmail.com I'll be there in my mobility scooter wearing a blue ribbon.

Format: None. People chat spontaneously with others either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Entrance: Free

Refreshments: People buy their own food and/or drink.

Special guest: Ilise Friedman of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative. She is making a social visit to Ireland and contacted me to see whether she could meet me or alternatively also some contacts of the Irish ME/CFS Association during her trip. They are grateful for our support. We have given them €45,000 from our research fund over the years.

Length: People are free to stay on after 4:30 PM. But that is getting close to my energy/similar limit so I'll probably leave around then.

Inside or outside? Yet to be decided. I will keep an eye out on what the feedback is.

Comments on inside/outside issue:

- Outside: good air quality. No background noise (though pipe sound inside was fairly low when I checked it out this afternoon). Benches are not padded (people could bring something to sit on perhaps if they are concerned)

- Inside: controlled temperature (neither hot nor cold). There were quite a lot of low stools (at the level of a pouffe) in some places which suit people like me who like to put their feet up. There was some piped sound though as I said the level was fairly low when I checked it out this afternoon.

People could always make their own decision whether to sit inside or outside on the day.


2 days to go.
3 people have been in touch to say they are hopeful about attending. 4 others have said they are interested.
Whoever comes, comes; I’ll be there with Ilise anyway. My mobility scooter should be nearby.

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