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Icebergs and SLE

Things are moving along in a positive direction-faster than before but still taking time. I have systemic lupus erythematosis and I have noticed that I need less colchicine for my pericarditis and my lupus facial rash has been decreasing in severity. This is exciting because one theory is that if I can get my viral loads down far enough I hypothesized that it could cure the lupus. This is exactly what happens in acute viral infections and drug induced lupus. Still, it has never been done before in HHV6 and EBV because these are considered chronic DNA viruses. I liken the speed of cure to melting an iceberg. The body only has a limited amount of T-cells to apoptose infected layers and it has to penetrate layer by layer so it takes a long time. Using benadryl speeds the process by extending the lifespan of the T-cells. Hopefully I can finish within three months.


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