Hair loss! 2 months post covid

So when I run my fingers through my hair I realized I was pulling out fistfuls I mean not tugging on them they just come out there everywhere by the handful by the fist full started a couple of days ago.

Looked it up Happens in 10% of Covid patients. It’s the general phenomenon where sudden big illness causes many of the hairs on the head to i switch from growing mode to resting mode. So instead of having the usual 10% of hairs in resting mode you now have 40% or more. So when those resting Hairs fall out you notice it because it’s in massive numbers like you’re losing half the hair on your head. Usually this start three months after the event but apparently with Covid it can start two months a so I so I’m Right on schedule. That fits with me since I’m never late for appointments . Supposed to grow back in 6 to 9 months but then I also read that people who are dealing with Covid patients like dermatologist say actually it’s taking more like year and a half to two years.

Might be moot. No one will swe me anyway as i fell outside and hurt knees and other stuff and may not be able to leave for a long time. Maybe shoukd go the retail therapy thread on this forum to ask ablut ordering covers for the mirrors


oh vision, you are doing things.

i think now its really time to pop some vitamins and minerals especially also vitamin D.
(out of solidarity, i popped 30k vitamin D today and some b vitamins. and some C and some LcarnitineFumarate - and i feel like crap today, i hope you can value my solidarity suffering)
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is that a typo?
no, thats my weekly dose
I may need covers for all the mirrors here, soon as well.
i watched a movie yesterday (mirrors 2008), were posessed people got trapped into a asylum within a room full of mirrors, which absorbed the demons into the mirrors. result was that when people looked into the mirror they saw really ugly things and distortions of themselves... also mirror image tried to kill them.
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Maybe it's the sinus infection going on. I just say that because since I was using antibiotics for possibly Lyme co-infections, my hair has gotten thicker than it's ever been.

Maybe the bacteria is using up your nutrients. That was my theory anyway.

I still have a lot of hair loss but it must be growing faster than I'm losing it now.
Maybe it's the sinus infection going on. I just say that because since I was using antibiotics for possibly Lyme co-infections, my hair has gotten thicker than it's ever been.

Maybe the bacteria is using up your nutrients. That was my theory anyway.

I still have a lot of hair loss but it must be growing faster than I'm losing it now.
i am 100% positive that pathogens use up nutrients directly or indirectly in one way or another. i agree absolutely with this.

when i took my beloved allicin (i should change my name into allicinguy or allicinbert) my frequent diarrhea improved. not much in frequency, i still stool like 3 times a day but its consistency and urgency is much better. also smells more like it should - if that makes sense.

i had the same effect when beginning colloidal copper and sodium ascorbate.
also when doing plant extract powder like amla (but also others).
they all have antibacterial effects in the guts.

i really love my new sodium ascorbate, i do not know why, i take it in grams per day , i do not get any diarrhea at all (ascorbic acid gives me that after just 50+ mg or even less). i really want to take it, i do not know if this is some messaging intelligence the body does to tell me to take more... or just the usual insanity and obsession of a supplement to hope it does something useful, because it doesnt give bad side effects right away. though, i have the feeling my muscles feel weaker sometimes after sodium ascorbate.
Visionblue, I’m sorry you are still dealing with post covid crap. I’m just getting back on here after a month of testing! Soooooo exhausted and PEMed-out!

Hair is a strange thing as it is. When I was poisoned in 2005 with an arsenic warfare concoction, I experienced that mass hair loss thing too. Fistfuls of head hair started coming out. Soon after I lost ALL body hair, head to toe, gone in three days. It was like I had a mass shedding event! Ironically my facia hair remained unfazed.

Only after about 10 months did my scalp begin filling out again. About the same time short hair came back on forearms, lower legs and underarms, but that was it. To this day the rest of my body is bald. Yet I have this long thick Viking beard! o_O

There have been times since when my energy crashes so low that the short hair on my arms and lower legs starts shedding in mass, only to grow back in a few weeks.

Like I said, hair is a strange thing.

Hopefully your’s stops shedding soon and starts growing back in. It is spring, maybe you’re just molting. ;)
I haven't had COVID, that I know of. But have had a fair ol amount of hair loss when I purposefully lost weight few yrs ago and also when I supposedly went through early menopause ( it's not conclusive and more recent happenings show maybe I still may go through it again ) .
My hair mass is less and also I have signif male pattern baldening to the temple sides going back. Luckily it's not so bad as I can't cover it with top hair but gaps do show esp since I cut my hair short and layered it.
Yep folks grow back time.

Sorry to hear of your hair loss and 🙏 for grow back..

Another gift of the spiritual path hey...
I'll be looking for somebody called Oncologist next week (urg) and wondering about hair loss, soon, myself I suspect.
It's surprizing how fast you adust to it after the first jolt. Especially when you weigh it against more permanent conditions like .... oh, I dunno .... flucking dying?

I was surprized by how quickly I got over the first "OH MY GOD ... NOOOOOOOOO ...." reaction, and then my chagrin at how strongly I reacted, thinking that I was more evolved then that.

You'll be pleasantly surprized, I think. It hits hard, but it passes quickly ....
@vision blue

Your post made e go back and check my notes, because, you know, mind like a sieve ....

After both bouts of COVID, I noticed way more hair loss than normal. I have longish hair that I wear in a pouffy, messy bun, and brushing it out always yields more hair-in-hand-and-brush than I'd like, but after COVID, it REALLY started coming out, almost like the first stages of hair loss in chemo.

But once I was in the recovery stage, it looks like the hair loss slowly stabilized, and then stopped. Or rather, went back to normal. And it seemed to go back to normal faster the 2nd time than the first. I put it down to the body's 'been-there-done-that' reaction to the second time around, but then I came across the notes about ViraCon, and remembered that it had not only sped both DB's and my recovery, it had also apparently reduced the other negative effects, like hair loss.

So chin up !!! Yes, it's probably the COVID that's causing your hair loss, but it's temporary, and if I'm any example, your hair should start growing back pretty soon, and when it does, it's pretty fast :woot::woot::woot::thumbsup::thumbsup:....
Update;: I no longer think my massive hair loss is from COVID. I came back here to check when i posted this in relation to when i had bad scalp pain and soreness. They were both around April 14. Scalp pain and the start of losing fisfuls of hair. Covid hairloss is painless which argues against it. Plus the loss in covid is not this fast. And now i have at least one clear region on scalp thats inflamed and raised/swollen. and many areas itching like crazy. So not covid

Then the day after it started is when i had the bad fall and smashed my knees. That took center stage for next two weeks and faced with possibly not beingbable to walk i suddenly didnt think about or care as much about so much hair loss. The day before the fall i emailed one of my docs saying id call because of the scalp pain. But next day i fell and thats the only thing i talked to him about

I’n whining so much because the hair loss may be permanent. Had I acted sooner I may have been able to prevent follicle scarring I have to try to find a dermatologidt tomorrow but what are odds they can see me quickly. For self treatment its tricky. Cortisone cream for inflammation but if i have a microbe, just using cortisone will make an infection worse. So possibilities for what im guessing is folliculitis include bacteria, fungud, mitre, and autoimmune, each requiring a different treatment.

Besides the fall, i ignored it for so long because i figured itveas covid related based on what i read and so figured would grow back. I suppose tomorrow i should also search for home remedies for follicutis. My mast cells will not be happybas i cannot tokerate tea tree oil or aloe and am allergic to coconut.

Ive lost at least half the hair in my head, maybe more, from April 15 to April 30 and its still falling out.
I suppose tomorrow i should also search for home remedies for follicutis. My mast cells will not be happybas i cannot tokerate tea tree oil or aloe and am allergic to coconut.
I hesitate to suggest, because I know how sensitive you are to things, but just in case. here's what I used to recover from COVID hair loss ....
  • Horsetail herb .... good source of silica, among other things that encourage hair growth ....
  • Powdered Bamboo Extract .... I use BulkSupplements. Inexpensive, and seems to be really effective .... also a great source of silica, essential for hair follicle health as well as bone formation and skin .... so an all-round win ...
  • Rosemary E.O .... has been a given for hair health and growth since the dark/middle ages. Also, if Shakespeare was right, for 'remembrance', so maybe a two-fer ?
I don't think coconut oil, for all the hype, does much for hair other than moisturize it once it's grown. Tea Tree oil, myeh .... you might try lavender oil which is mildly antiseptic and might help with inflammation ....

I'll be waiting to hear all the reasons none of this will work :D:D:D ....

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