A measles factoid may help explain why the post-COVID period is so brutal for some

Apparently, one of measles tricks to avoid the immune system is to wipe out the host immune system’s memory! So not only do then become more susceptible to the measles but you also develop more severe infections to other illnesses because your body no longer recognizes them even if ykuve had them before! So unfair!

Measles is not the only virus that does that and I’m wondering if covet does it as well. That may explain why many people get one illness after another following Covid. Things that you previously were immune to you no longer are because Covid wiped out that immune memory thank you very much. May explain why I’m now getting a reactivation of my herpes virus with symptoms that in severity I’ve not seen for several years. It took me years To get to a point where the reactivation’s were lousy but not devastating and now it’s like I’m back to square one.


Hey, I've watched this before but can't remember everything he said:

Maybe it's still lingering in your body?

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