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A post-covid test panel by labcorp


Its just regular tests put together in a panel.

Amusing to me because i had put together a set pf blood tests i am going to ask for next week. And i then saw it is very similar to the post covid panel!

The only difference is I had VEGF on my list but it was not on theirs plus they had hsCRP on their list whilst I did not have it on mean. The reason for latter is mine is never elevated (genetic thing) so i never ask for it.

I did not order my set because i have long covid. I do not. But since i have hair loss and multiple infections im checking the usual suspects- vitamins, thyroid, cbc So not sure what theyre thinking- its like theyre saying anyone who has long covid is just suffering from garden variety thyroid or other similar common disorder. Theres no attempt at anything less basic. At least i added VEGF which bears on blood vessel health Wonder if its a way to placate long covid sufferers. Look like theyre doing something when they are not doing anything at all. Assuming docs even know about the package of tests. Maybe at the local university pist covid clinic they have here

By the way, I think one of my doctors is hoping I will fire him
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By the way, I think one of my doctors is hoping I will fire him
do him the favor, also leave bad rezession on online portals and report him at the doctors chamber.

sometimes people just shall have their wishes granted.
@linusbert think i will kick the decision over to him more explicitly. Will say my year is just about up- think i should continue?

He’ll probably be conflicted because he probably wants the money But am curious what he will say.
his year is over? are we talking psycho doc? i mean if you want to pay for a rubber doc..eh duck.
his year is over? are we talking psycho doc? i mean if you want to pay for a rubber doc..eh duck.

Not a psycho doc but years past his prime truth me told. Very Bad memory and some clear word finding issues. Hes also no longer returning phone calls and has never replied by email. Once i took the initiative in my own health care he seemed grateful for having less work to do and does not step up when i need him to take charge. Otoh he has given me every script or test order ive asked for. And in termsvof iq clearly above my other doc. This is the office that also appears to have permanently ruined my van, perhaps giving me permanent phlebitis as well. But he’s also much easier to get to in person in the other one in terms of driving route in convenience
They also have a Chronic Fatigue Evaluation Profile AKA Post-COVID-19 Fatigue Evaluation. Note it says chronic fatigue, not chronic fatigue syndrome.

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