How covid has changed me

Things are different since covid. I will add to this list as I remember. I do not though consider any of this to be long covid. Note on the last entry on hair loss there are some great comments there i still have not had the mental effort to respond to

Massive hair loss

white hairs for firdt time ever

acceleration of grey hairs

body trmp thats 1/2 degree higher

nasal and sinus congestion - bacteria?

heart rate slightly higher

greater tolerance of many foods

craving for variety of foods at every meal

olfactory sense has become quirky

went from liking lizards to hating them (must be the dream during covid when my throat was bad i was eating the tail off of a black lizard

two friends demoted - one who refused to make q simple phone call to help keep me alive and another who was not there for support

but gained a linusburt…and reconnected with judee…

feeling cognitive fatigue for first time

more dyssutonomia with heart?
more physical fatigue?
more attention deficits?


greater tolerance of many foods

craving for variety of foods at every meal
actually that sounds good to me, i hope it is for you as well.

craving for variety of foods is a sign that your body is lacking something of either calories (beeing in energy deficient state) or nutrition like minerals and vitamins ... or both.

olfactory sense has become quirky
is it still broken? reads like its working ... a bit. sounds better than totally gone at first.

feeling cognitive fatigue for first time
this sucks! i get this when not eating enough or having weird diet. gladly mine is fixed right after having a meal.

i really feel your body needs something. it actually is craving stuff.
also graying of hair could be a sign of that... copper, iron, biotin, zink. did you try zink?

here oliver3 says that a lot of people with covid in icu have thiamin deficiency. didnt check for accuracy, but that makes sense.
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This wasn't it but it does talk about QT intervals and IL-6 and
And I really didn't read that article very well because it was talking about that happening because of covid treatments. Yikes. My brain really wasn't working when I read that. Sorry. :(

Edit: This one does talk about arrythmias though:

Patients with COVID-19 may be at increased risk of certain arrhythmias. Factors such as severity of illness and taking specific medications for COVID-19 treatment may increase the risk of developing an arrythmia.

(But that one is also too long for me to read. :()
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A still functioning with partial brain cause of some sort of bug that's taken up residence .... but here's some of what pass for thoughts right now ....

HAIR LOSS ... Yeah, I had moderate but, to me, alarming hair fall-out during first COVID, less during second. Both times the hair started growing back pretty much as soon as I felt sort of normal ... it still seems to be falling out a little more than before COVID, but not too badly ... hoping for total normalization somewhere down the road, you know, where ME disappears and I can run a marathon ....

NO CHANGE IN HAIR COLOR .... unlike your experience ...

BODY TEMP UNCHANGED .... it's a little abnormally low, my 'normal' is around 1 full degree below normal 'normal', about 97.6 ....

NASAL AND SINUS CONGESTION .... I seem to have always been battling with nasal congestion, so it's ust become normal .... no sinus involvement unless I'm coming down with something, and no change since COVID ...


NO CHANGE IN FOOD TOLERANCE ... limited diet due to limited energy and inability to stand long enough to produce a nice roast, some fluffy baked potatoes, my signature yummy herbed petit pois with toasted slivered almonds.... I really miss all those ...

MY OLFACTORY SENSE has always been somewhere around 'bloodhound' ... extremely fine-tuned and intense .... no change once COVID started ebbing ....


LINUSBERT GIFT POST-COVID very welcome .... rocky start, nice finish ....

BRAIN FATIGUE .... has always been a problem, no worse since COVID, tho more frequent and intense while COVID reigned ....


DITTO ATTENTION DEFICIT WHEN OVER-EXTENDED .... it's still one of my early warning signs that I need either a lie-down or a time out ....

This is the best I can manage right now, and I doubt that it's very helpful. If I think of something that might be, ah'll beee bahhhck ....:hug::hug:
@YippeeKi YOW !! Interesting to compare to your experience - so pretty much no similarity in our post experiences.

Has anything changed for you since covid not covered above

All I can muster by way of reply muster. I’m seriously spent vertigo all during the night some now little sleep the knee injuries not healing the hair absence, headache and a PEM from going out on Wednesday. Even my magic gabapentin not helping enough

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