Day 43 - Dose 3

Have been having chest tightness, increased anxiety and feeling off the last few days. Fairly sure it's immune related but I am taking the egcg back down to 125/125/75 from 150/150/120 because I just can't hack any higher than 125 it seems. It leaves me feeling sort of wired and it's not a nice feeling AT ALL.

Suffice to say I am back up now at 980mg lions mane and 980mg resihi with 2000mg of oat bran 3x a day. So I am back on the full protocol. Definitely still fighting off the last of the ebv flare, my voice sounds terrible today, sound like an old man. But my sore throat has improved a lot. However I do keep waking up with a dry sore throat which has been going on for awhile. Again this should in theory resolve by Friday.

All in all with the ebv flare, the covid 2nd jab and what not, I am not really expecting to get back to a decent pre jab level (the week before the jab I felt pretty terrific) for 2 weeks.

However the key difference htis time is that I won't be coming off lions mane and reishi, which is what I did last time. I calculated I was off the reishi for 11 days. I expected to be sick but not quite this bad when restarting. I've improved tons since last weds/thurs and energy wise I am much better now, I could probably go out every day if I needed to, which was an absolute no no last week. So major difference.

I would say I've improved about 10% or 5% (is that a thing?) on the hummingbird scale in the last week. I can't remember where I at exactly now or I would share it.

I also removed my carbs for breakfast thismorning, which did seem to make the morning a little smoother and I only felt rough after about 3pm, so maybe this carb break did help.

My mouth is dry and my breath has started to smell again, so my immune system is definitely activated and doing its thing. I had this happen to me the first time I went onto the protocol for about 4 or 5 days and then it resolved. This is why I think I have got to just be patient for a week or two. The fact the protocol is clearing ebv as quick as it is is quite amazing when you think about how difficult mono is to get out of the body once it's in it. If you think a healthy person takes 3 to 6 months to clear mono back down to a manageable level but then never has a reactivation. If I can clear down mono from a bad flare in 4 weeks that's still pretty impressive. Suffice to say the fatigue is still there but it's quite mild now compared to before.
I do have a little cramp in my legs as we speak (for example).

Going to start larger doses of magnesium ascorbate and glycine in the evenings now as I think these doses have been way way sub what they should have been. 2g instead of 5g more or less. I am doing this because making capsules all the time is a REAL drag and I haven't had a single ulcer or canker sore in 6 weeks. Considering how acidic glycine is I am really quite amazed, I have been plagued by these for 5 years! Growing steadily significantly worse in the last 2 years, I had an ulcer every month without fail, if I ate or touched the slightest bit of sugar of acidic food. My sugar intake has definitely gone down, but that's beside the point,

egcg - considering the potential for long term allergic reactions and interactions, I thought this might be another good one to get synthesised in the lab. However the cost of this is actually reasonably expensive. Probably another £120 for a decent amount for a month....not great.

I would love to take some andrographis to push the last of the inflammation out of my body that seems to be squirrelled away in pockets at present, but sadly after the last experience I won't be trying that again....maybe at the weekend if I'm brave.
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