Day 32 - Dose 2

So I do have or rather did have this morning some PEM from yesterdays walk, I did also have a really bad headache in the evening day 31 but I think if it wasn't an ME headache it might have been due to sun exposure.

All in all I would say I'm 75% recovered from the mild PEM I had this morning. I notice it most in my legs when I go up the stairs as they tire and start to slow down, as the lactate seemingly builds up!

Anyway feeling a lot better this afternoon and my diet is looking better now, although my macros for fat are still no right but I'm working on it:


Calories on avg have been 1850 a day, so this is below my normal. Need to fix that, to be fair this doesn't include the calories from the evening carbs so it will be higher at that point.

I've also reduced my daily sausages intake as my triglyceride count was high on my liver blood tests.

I was able to go out this lunchtime, I would say that my PEM had more or less gone by lunchtime, so very quick recovery in all. Sleeping better helped too but I woke at 6am, went to bed at 10pm, so that's what 8 hours sleep again. And I don't feel tired it's now 13:10 so that's just completely different to how I was before.

125mg egcg still seems to be doing the trick, pleasantly happy but not high and it doesn't send my libido through the roof, which is equally annoying!

Thinking I'll start up the lions mane on Monday coming, do a week of that at a lower dose then re-introduce the reishi and the max doses as before. That should get the viral infections back under control again - they are definitely not under control as I can feel my neck becoming stiff, the tissues there had become "normal" aka unnoticeable but now there stiffer. But no return of the cranial cervical junction swelling which is nice.
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