Yikes! Bossy monitor!! (and link to heart article)

Aargh! Now I realize why I resisted using this monitor for weeks after I had it. I don't like being told to stop when I want to do something.
Today I feel shaky and hungover from overdoing yesterday. I've been up for two hours now, and am heading back to bed for the day. I know, I shouldn't have gotten up at all..
:In bed:
Yesterday I felt fairly good, so while I spent a few hours in bed reading or resting, I also had a few productive hours of beading. Productive means I finally came up with a combination I liked and got a good bit done. :D I might be OK today, except I sat up and read for awhile afterwards.

International Journal of Cardiology article re artery endothelial dysfunction in ME/CFS

The arterial dysfunction discussed in this article might be part of the reason we need to keep our heart rates relatively low, though I imagine that low blood volume accounts for more of it.


Thanks for sharing--that's so funny to imagine an inanimate object being bossy!

I am sorry that you are in a crash right now. I hope you feel better soon.

I'd write more but not feeling too coherent myself right now....

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