Trying to Find my energy envelope - progress, but not nearly there

A short post today -

A friend gave me a heart monitor to use for pacing. I quickly realized I needed to do some major scaling back on my activities, then using the heart monitor to fine tune things. For the past few weeks, I've been scaling back. I try not to overdo on any given day, and rest a LOT more than in the past. I've seen some good results. I even have times when I feel pretty good! Not healthy, but pretty good for this body.

Yesterday I overdid, and am pretty wiped today. In the past, scaling back my activities was something I DIDN'T WANT TO DO. For lots of reasons, I did as much as possible, as opposed to as much as my body indicated I should. As you can guess, this resulted in plenty of total wipe outs, and an overall deterioration.

I've reached the point where I usually don't mind stopping when my body says to. Rest and pacing isn't something I'm forced to do, but something I can do for myself. A nice benefit is that I think I'll actually get a bit more done. I certainly can think more clearly about what I do, therefore being more efficient.


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