Weather (you like it or not) - Views from Here to There in My Power Chair

This installment has everything to do with black and white images. Mostly, clouds. And as some of you may already know, I am practically obsessed with weather phenomena. Or perhaps I am impractically obsessed. Either way. I like clouds. Certain types of clouds. The clouds that have three dimensions. And of course, those are the clouds that are often unseen here in the desert southwest. The exception? Monsoon season. That's when they crop up with some regularity - over the mountains, before descending upon the deserts late in the afternoon or early in the evening. There's always a question involved. Will the storms make it down into the desert? Will they survive the harsh environs?

But lucky for you, I won't get into that here. No one needs to know what they do not need to know. All kinds of details amounting to nothing. With this illness we are already dealing with a veritable nothing on a regular basis. Well, not nothing nothing, but the kind of nothing where we can do nothing about it. Mostly. It seems. We linger, and we last. And we sometimes lust for normality. Which is merely a formality amongst the living. Well, we are living. To some degrees. Varying degrees. Hotter than heck degrees … for me!

And so you know, I am absolutely being more careful out there. Borderline dehydration is no joke. And we are pushing 110° of late, and moving forward into the immediate future. That's a lot of heat coming down on my skull. It's a difficult balance.

The light of day is what's gotten me out of bed, yet the heat from that same exact life emitting sunshine may put me in the hospital if I'm not careful. Okay then, I am being more careful now. No need to chime in on that - I appreciate the concerns. And I have taken your concerns into consideration. And in considering these considerations I have made subtle adjustments to my regularly scheduled daily efforts.

Anyway, here we go with the pictures (the next round will involve color pictures!):

My Walkway into Another World


This crossing is how I get to the other side. And these thunderheads make me want to go there early and then often. However, those storms are an easy 30 miles away, descending off the Mogollon Rim. At top power chair speed (6.4 mph), I won't get there in time.


For the other image, I was facing north, and this one I am looking into the sun, obscured by clouds. A massive thunderhead working its way up into the atmosphere. I sat (baked) outside in awe of this storm structure developing above and just to the left of me. Quite impressive. The storm I'd been waiting for. The close proximity I'd been seeking.

Not the Wrong Way


This is the view from my morning meditation perch (halfway up the pedestrian crossing incline), just above the freeway, and facing slightly west-southwest. I do my best to hang here each and every morning, but sometimes I get out too late, and the heat is too intense.


A mishmash of clouds on a particularly humid morning. We don't get clouds like this very often. And the stifling humidity is also an outlier. As I've mentioned previously, we had nearly 30 consecutive days of drenching humidity. Which I appreciated. Very unusual weather conditions for us. This view is to the southeast. The nursing home is across the bottom along the right half of the image.

Getting Lost Highway


This one isn't a high quality image, but I love the three dimensionality of it all. Also, the potential of my escaping becomes real from this vantage point. I could hop on the freeway, veer left onto the 101, angle my way onto Interstate 17, and within two dozen minutes be up into the mountainous terrain.

For me or anybody else, it only takes a wee bit of elevation to see these things, distant objects, and distant objectives (a panoramic awakening). In these instances, my imagination is gifted future freedom, as well as past remembrances from all around and surrounding. There remain so many angles worth exploring in my mind. And I am very well feeding off of this variety on a near daily basis.

Oftentimes emotionality plays a prominent role. My eyes water. I'm sad. My eyes water. I'm happy. Then my eyes are dry. Very dry. Well, I live in flipping the desert! Of course they are!

So yes, those seem to be the primary high effects my eyes experience while out and about, drinking in the gladness, and other sensations.


Let's end with happy clouds, alright? The blistering heat versus the joy of joys. Intensity. That's what I'm experiencing now. I'm experiencing life's intensity.

Take care,

P.S. - next up, a colorized weather posting, and then subsequent to that, graphic depictions of my explorations.


The photo series continues to be very cool. (I haven't gotten to reading your post yet) (every day I tell myself read less stuff)

May I suggest a 12 month calendar? I could sure use one, with cool photos of sky and clouds and architectural features.

Maybe we could print some and you could auction them at bingo night.

And perhaps the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce could also carry them.
The Getting Lost Highway is...a great shot. It seems to evoke some past time...maybe thats simply low pixels!

I can see how it evokes- a sudden escape. To elsewhere.

Since I watch these painting videos, to inspire me, that photo has many fascinating almost- a -painting quality. And the ones who paint street scenes, well they are really into including a vertical post or line of some sort. A skinny wire. A lamppost.

and I used to write comments about the impacts of vertical perches on rare wildlife species.

There did not used to be powerlines. Posts. Night lighting. imagine, North America didn't come with a fence.

My town has a dark sky ordinance. Not much compliance, but at least in theory, can we be a bit less lit up?

I recall this town nearby, having a big disagreement about ugly signs. But an analysis was done, and it turned out it was the ugly power lines and far too many posts...degrading the view.

My town underground the main streets powerlines. Then a week later, the water company dug up the entire newly paved road.
So when did the big interest in clouds start @Howard? I never heard you mention them before your nursing home days. Of course you weren't outside either...I get it, or think I do. You'll have to produce music to suit the mood.

Well, the fact is it's hard to beat clouds and their formations, especially memorable when we're about 5 or 6 and could actually see images in them. How did we think we had better things to do with our time? They really are enjoyable. Yes, Hufsamor, yours too! Photos always welcome. Yours, Lenora
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what does that ordinance entail?
I think there is some kind of model ordinance and then folks lobby their city and I know it took quite a while. At least now, they don't approve lighting that goes skyward.

I could probably find the ordinance. Its a big deal for wildlife and trees: stuck next to a street light, the tree does not know to prepare for winter....

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