Vita-mix blender for easy nutrition

I was hesitant for a long time, and now finally bought a vita-mix blender. Neat little device.

It will turn anything in to a juice. Carrots, kale, apples, garlic, celery, bell pepper is what I juiced in the first glass. Added a bit of water and I had juice.

You supposed to be able to make soup also.

I like it because I can get my nutrition with minnimal cooking. The time to juice, chop and clean is about half the effort of making a salad.


I'm looking into it because I just can't prepare foods anymore and two people I know have had good results.


It turns out after using it for about 6 months, that the vitamix I tend to use more fruit because veggies are so fiberous. I make shake with bannanas, carrot, yogurt, and beets. But it is not like juicing with a centrifugal juicer where one can put celery and carrots, beets, parsely all in the same batch. So it is a trade off. more fiber or more fruit.
Hi Jarod, its a great way to get those extra nutrients in. I use a blender for fruit smoothies and a juice extractor for the vegies. Have tried most veges but still yet to try juicing beetroot.
Hi Rosie,

I need to dust off the centrifugal juice again. I like the juice better, but it is more work and uses more veggies and wastes all the pulp

Some people say beet has too much sugar, but I add just a little(1/4 small beet) to sweeten on the juice or smoothy. the idea is small quantities of fiberour veggies for the vitamix.

I know what you mean, I haven't juiced for a couple of weeks. I wouldn't do it everyday as concerned i'll overload on the vitamins like vit. A which can be toxic, also if you overdo can have negative effect instead of beneficial so usually i'd do the carrot, apple, celery/silverbeet every 3 days. My neighbor raves about beetroot juice, just can't imagine drinking a glass of beetroot juice, seems like it would be quite a potent one to me ! Will do what you do, just add a wee bit. Are you able to plant strawberries. I spent about 10 mintues each day planting and preparing vege garden last summer. Have to use bird netting one the fruit start going red. Planted about 30-35 planted. They just kept fruiting all summer nearly. So good for you.
Someone said to me to use the left over pulp for soups. But haven't done that yet.

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