may have found something

I just got back from a Dr Appt, and he wants to test me for h pylori. All the symptoms make sense, so maybe we found something to treat.

Interesting thing was my girlfriend had tested positive for h pylori about two years ago. About two years ago I started having stomach problems(bloating, food sensitivites, etc) and thiol intolerance. :ill:

edit: no telling when she "contracted" h pylori, and she had no symptoms.

Reading the symptoms, it seems to fit my situation. This stuff causes all kinds of problems.

Strangely I found THIS article that states H pylori can react with sulfur.

Volatile sulfur compounds produced by Helicobacter pylori
Lee H, Kho HS, Chung JW, Chung SC, Kim YK.


To assess the volatile sulfur compounds produced by three strains of Helicobacter pylori in broth cultures mixed with sulfur-containing amino acids


You know how much Yasko stresses the H. Pylori thing, so it might be important for you. Apparently it causes a lot of trouble. She also says that finding it in stool tests its somewhat hard.
A few years ago a B12 test showed a deficiency. I asked the doc what was causing the deficiency. He shrugged his shoulders and moved on - a stunning and all-too-typical lack of curiosity, as well as a complete lack of interest in treating my illness.

A little research uncovered H. Pylori as a possible culprit of the deficiency, so I asked for the test (it was a blood test) and it was positive. The doctor didn't want to treat it ("Half the population has it"). I insisted, so he retaliated by ordering the most expensive treatment protocol he knew, a branded "treatment in a box" costing several hundred dollars, which he damn well knew I could not afford.

Fortunately my local pharmacy is staffed by caring folks who routinely go out of their way to help. The pharmacist put together a protocol using a generic antibiotic and some other stuff, called the doctor, and got it approved. This treatment costs about $15!

I don't know if treating the H. Pylori infection helped or not, but it still seems like a good idea, especially in view of the fact that my current doctors have uncovered several chronic infections, which all the previous docs had refused to look for.

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