what may have worked before

I was dialed in a few years ago and maybe that experince will provide some insight to somebody with a bigger picture than we have.

I was doing three things simultainiously: Taking abx; Taking ALA and NAC, and doing methylation with MB12 and high dose methlfolate. Not sure how important the methyfolate is because it just irritates my stomach now and I do not have the MTHFR mutation. However, it can kind of be stimulating.

I didn't know anything about Cutler and was taking ALA twice a day with NAC based on a research article from Stanford for aids patients.

Looking back I'm guessing that three things may have been going on:

1) First I was treating a chlmydia pneumonia bacterial infection with 3 abx. That chlamydia infection is for certain. (I later quit the abx after a year or more and continued to improve with just the ALA, NAC, and methylation (along with a couple lyme herbs)

2) Second, I was pulling lead with from somewhere with the ALA.(tested high in lead at one point when dumping metals suddenly)

3) The 2400 of NAC was critical. Supplying cysteine to make glutathione maybe?

4) While doing all the above, I was cranking up the methyfolate and MB12.

5) eliminated caffine alcohol and drugs (caffine shuts down mehtylation almost immediately in my situation)

All of the above were important. It was a package deal. and they almost had me in remission. What screwed me up was adding in biofilms treatment when I didn;t need it. I think it was a chelator that may have screwed up my calcoum levels. OR it could have been some enzymes that weakened my gut. A few months later, something happened which may be a stomach infection that prevents me from taking any ALA, NAC, MSM etc...

Looking back, Maybe it was these things that were important:

a) reduce oxidation, inflammation

b) treat infections

c) supply nutrients (NAC especially in my case)

d) remove metals (ALA was the only thing that worked, any other chelator seemed to give me leg cramps and stomach cramps which I interpret as being low minerals)

e) methylate. Maybe Methylation does not work well without all the above in some people?

thinking dealing with the metals may have made a big difference, especially when the started dumping I could feel a big difference. but managing infections and supplying NAC seemed important for helping balance energy and hormones.

don't think this will apply to everybody obviously, but may be useful to others with metals probs and bacterial infections.

Edit: NAC works on Chlamydia pneumonia, and ALA works on Lead. So maybe I was just treating the problems.


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