Apology to everybody, especially researchers/docs and patients

While searching for answers,and while lacking spiritual compass, I've said whatever was on my mind on these forums some days.

Although I have always been honest and sincere in my quest for answers, it has probably caused much unwanted stress for researchers trying to solve difficult problems under unfavorable circumstances. I sincerely apologize and am sorry for the distraction.

I'm also terribly sorry for any hurt I've caused sick patients. I know what it is like to be barely making it, and apologize.

It's not all my fault, but I take responsibility for my part in reacting or contributing to any dysfunction.

Fear, negativity, conflict, just bring out the worst in everything/everybody. Every action seems to have a reaction, and this is becoming more obvious in todays hyper-connected world.

Anyways, through this whole process I've developed a sense of better understanding and new found spirituality. Finally... Better late than never I guess....



Check my latest post there could be hope for all of us now time will tell if true but looks very promising 'Brazil Neurologist' :) blesses... hang tough :)
I guess everyone has their own pet theories, especially treatments etc that have worked for them. I think the key is to have an open mind about things and to understand there is more than one way to skin a cat.
Most of this stuff happened over the years in here. Probably haven't been worse than anybody else, but searching for truth is painful.
I might disagree with you from time to time on specific things, but who can disagree with a search for understanding? If nobody looks, then we find nothing.
Apology and forgiveness should be a good thing right?

Through this whole process, I got some answers to some long unanswered questions and am a bit more content with life now.

I had always wanted to know why? Why all the diseases, and all the denial?

I think I figured it out. It makes sense.

Probably not going to blog/post about it anymore though....

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