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UDCA and legumes

Hi guys,

So I have been feeling progressiely better on legumes but I still don't have my test results from biomesight to prove anything. However I did go out yesterday and had fatigue in the evening but I also experienced some acute stress the same day and I could feel that playing havoc with my hpa while I was out, so that's probably why. Overall tho am able to do more chores in the house and go to the shop more regularly. I've also realised that vivomixx needs to be taken semi regularly, currently twice a week to stabilise my baseline.

My akkermansia bacteria may have gone extinct, I am hoping that they come back. Chanca Piedra possibly killed them off.

I've started UDCA at 125mg and I restarted my oral life extension probiotic (no brainfog this time it's to improve the state of my teeth as this disease/our genetic makeup cause havoc with our teeth too!).

So far so good with the UDCA so far, side effects minimal just some brainfog.
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As for the life extension oral probiotic I assume this study might explain why it's giving me gERD and why l reuturi oral lozenges did the same thing:


"Gram-negative bacteria have been reported to be the dominant bacteria causing acid reflux in the stomach; these bacteria cause relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter predominantly through the induction of nitric oxide and enzymes (24)."

I can only assume the strains are causing relaxation of the shincter which ultiamtely causes the GERD as it stops once the bacteria have died off (a few days to a week).

@EddieB where are you at now with your symptoms?
sometimes the allergic histamine response can trigger GERD or heart burn..that was the case with my husband.
same for me, some things drive my GERD but not others which actually should like spicy or fatty things. it must be a gastric immune response. also its much less when taking ranitidine (or famotidine) but not when taking the usually PPIs
Me too in my case biogai returi and life extension proflora. There might have been one more but not sure what it is.

sometexan posted on a thread about it being due to rna replication which messes with gastric secretion in the upper stomach. tbh that theory makes sense to me.

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