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Tudca follow up

Well my symptoms of sore throat, congestion and poor digestion with some very mild fatigue came back overnight after a 24 hour tudca break.

Insomnia was bad overnight but I somehow managed to get back to sleep after covering myself with a second duvet. My body does this very very strange thing now where it gets cold but doesn't actually tell me so I'm awake but my body is just not quite warm enough. It's dead annoying.

So last night I was still a bit wired from the tudca and my mood was anxious and a bit unpleasant (stupid anxiety about work and anxiety less so about life) essentially getting stuck fixated on something instead of being able to let it go.

I often wonder what remission would look like. Would my body just return to its previous state where anxiety was all held in my chest/stomach and I'd be fad less paranoid in work. A lot of the supps I take increase anxiety.

But not directly. They do this indirectly. I believe it is because they are partly stimulating (for me) and partly because DNA and rna viruses don't like to have their replication state shut down or disturbed and will pump out a variety of cytokines etc if it does. I only find evidence of this for ebv antiviral therapy in studies it's a very understudied area sadly.

As for the tudca I took 25mg today. I'm hoping that will give me the benefits without feeling wired. I also think the taurine is the issue....I've never got on with it and taurine also makes me quite paranoid. I've tried to find other bound forms of udca and not found any yet. Udca is an alternative option for me tho if tudca fails.


I wanted to comment on your remark about fixating on things.

I"ve observed, in myself, a sort of biochemical thing that might be OCD Like.

Perhaps this is something about GABA. How we lack GABA.

For a while, I would take a very tiny bit of XANAX. And within a few minutes, I am no longer having depressive thoughts, repetitive thoughts, trolling over the same "thoughts".

No, I'm not washing my hands over and over. But I can see my brain gets fixated on certain thoughts and they just keep going on repeat (music, does this). And GABA helps stop this.
That's really interesting. I think for me it's been much worse since I started some major life events. Things that would stress anyone out.

But tudca sadly made it worse, I took 25mg today and didn't feel too great, bad bad brainfog all day long didn't enjoy it, was quite scary actually. But it does make you wonder what it's fixing when this happens.
can you go lower with the TUDCA maybe until its manageable?

when i started vitamin D and b complex last year again, i got issues i didnt have for years, a psychological swallowing difficulty because i fear i could inhale the food and also general a lethargic mood no interest into anything and also a increased frustration and slightly increased aggression potential.
it resided after a few month so body adapted to it it seamed.

if things fire up neuro transmitter production and you have been low for a long time, i suspect one can feel something like a "withdrawal" symptome. if people take some psycho drugs, they can feel similiar effects if they withdraw.

but in no way would i say for you to push through. i'd rather reduce dosage or take it every other day or something.
Hi Linus,

I had to stop due to worsened brainfog, dizziness and lethargy. But my gut did feel better after 5 days of tudca. 25mg was still no good - bad insomnia. I felt a bit off recently. Went back on vivomixx and took a b complex and suddenly I felt like myself again. Loads more energy, brainfog much better, digestion and mood all improved.

Last two 16s tests showed no akkermansia, bifido or lactobacillus. So not good. Prob why I feel better.
But tudca sadly made it worse, I took 25mg today and didn't feel too great, bad bad brainfog all day long didn't enjoy it, was quite scary actually. But it does make you wonder what it's fixing when this happens.

tudca increases bile, the bile then cleans out some bad microbes, the load on your gut, liver and brain is then lessened and inflammation is reduced

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