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Tides of the Storm

Crashing is synonymous with CFS, a state of bodily destruction for which you often do not know the cause but that can come upon you with little regard for what you might have planned in life.

Pulled under by the unrelenting tide of another crash, it is hard not to at times feel suffocated by the merciless pressure exerted against my fragile body.

Time crawls by while still I tumble about in this ocean of madness for how could an illness such as this be anything sane.

Day blends into day as time passes along without me. Now and then I come up for air, the gasping of breath painful in my ears before I feel the tug of the tide pulling me down once more.

This limbo of increased pain, fatigue so great I feel hardly able to sit to eat most meals, and incredible cloudiness to my thoughts all blend into a background mosaic upon which is seen the anguish of my homelessness in sharp relief.

Life passes on, the tide rolls in and with it I am consumed once more.


Hi Lisa,

Thank you for letting us know how it really is with you- how clearly I could see your anguish at being sucked into another vortex of increasing pain and exhaustion. However, your spirit still prevails and you will not be beaten!

I've missed your happy chatter and warm presence on this board but I know that you are taking much needed time to help your body heal.

I'm praying for you.

Hi Snez!

I'm so glad you commented. Thank you very much.

Have a beautiful day and many hugs. :)

Somehow we've got to get you out of this situation! I finally got the blog fixed and your story is going up. Hang in there!
Couldn't agree more, Cort. We have to get them out somehow.

Lisa, what a clear, and brutal description of what you have been enduring. The photo is beautiful, and yet, a perfect metaphor for where you are. Harsh and bleak.

Y'know, I think I can see a helicopter in the distance of that stormy sky ... I think it's headed in your direction ... :)

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