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Imagine living 20 minutes away from here:

<img alt="Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui" src="" title="Ho'okipa Beach Park by taminator at flickr" width="500" height="328" />
Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui

Imagine sitting one sunny afternoon on a sandy beach and watching the windsurfers play in the dancing waves:

<img alt="Wind surfers at Ho'okipa Beach, Maui" src="" title="Wind surfers by setter 3 at flickr" width="500" height="333" />
Windsurfers at Ho'okipa Beach, Maui

Imagine feeling the spray misting from this meeting of rock and wave, blown by a sea breeze across your face:

<img alt="Lava Rocks at Ho'okipa Beach, Maui" src="" title="Lava Rocks at Ho'okipa Beach by setter 3 at flickr" width="500" height="333" />
Lava Rocks at Ho'okipa Beach, Maui

As I sit here and imagine all this I begin to feel my eyes tear up with overwhelming emotion because for me this will be my reality in four weeks.

There is no doubt I am currently living a rare and beautiful moment in my life; when it feels like the heavens are shifting the world around me in order to lay a wondrous path at my feet.

<img alt="" src="" title="Dog prints in Maui sand by citizen for boysenberry at flickr" class="alignright" width="200" height="300" />

My time is now.

My time is here.

Together, Jeremy and I are seizing this moment and riding the wave of change out from our tent and into a new life filled with sunshine.

These events are nothing short of miraculous and I thank the spiritual path I follow for guiding me here.


Oh Lisa, I'm so happy for you. I'm imagining it all and am way beyond pleased that your life has taken this sudden and delightful turn.
Happy hugs :)
I love maui .....have been there several times dating back to 1974.....its a magical place. I did not have the strength to windsurf when I was there as I was too ill. But I managed to watch. It was before I knew what was wrong with me and I kept believing that one day I would be out there on the waves. Last time I went was 1994. It sure had grown but was still really beautiful. If I was ever well enough I'd love to go back. As it is I live a stones throw from the indian ocean but rarely get to see it. My world has shrunk but its full of the memories of the wonderful places I visited all over the globe.
Thank you very much Snez!

Tania - that is very profound. :)

Sandgroper - I'm already dreaming of watching a windsurfing competition when my health improves enough - because I've much faith it will be on an upswing after I'm settled in. :D

I'm sorry your world has grown so small. I know how that feels. My world has been shrunk mostly to the hospital for blood work, doctor once a year, and our campsite.

Don't give up dreaming, they just might come true. :D
No kidding..what a change for Lisa! What a delightful thing to see....I don't know how this happened but I like it........

So how are you doing healthwise? Did I miss a blog???
I don't entirely know how this happened either Cort... it just sorta fell into place!

Health is hanging in here pretty well right now. We had a crash for most of March, April, and early May. It was a very hard winter this time. Next thing we knew, one thing led to another and we are going to Maui! :) The excitement gets a little much some days and we aren't sleeping as well as we'd like, but I'm really surprised and please with the health increase we have seen this last month.

I think some of it comes just from having a purpose in life again instead of feeling trapped in a wooded limbo.

Big hugs to you Cort. :)

Do you think the change of environment helped? Moving to a sunnier location vs cold wet NW?
Aloha tahoma! :)

Warmer weather is helping a lot, as is MUCH cleaner air. The organic food prices are similar to what's found on the mainland, grassfed organic beef is only 10% more than we used to pay in Washington for organic grainfed beef from a reasonably priced source.

Swimming in the ocean... wow. It's like being hooked right up to all the nutrients the body needs. At this point, both my partner and I supplement very little: digestive enzymes (less needed than before), weening off antihistamine and b12 shots. I also add in some K2, oregano oil, and a swallow or two of kefir a couple times each week. Compared to the $500/month or more supplement bill we had before moving to Hawaii... this is awesome! :)

Jeremy fully weened off his testosterone and I've been fine without my thyroid meds/progesterone.

In fact, taking even a small amount of the same supplements we used to take was making us feel ill - became too much of those things and imbalanced. I am positive it has to do with more nutrition in the food we eat due to being 100% locally grown and swimming 4-5 times a week in the ocean.

Feel free to send me a private message if you need more info! :)

Big hugs, Lisa

ps - I've been updating my blog site at Sundog Tales, though not as regularly as I'd like. One problem with kick-starting life again after 10 years most of which was nearly bedbound... it's tiring work! Doing better, but the energy still only goes so far, though we are building stamina still. :)

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