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Paleo Cookie Pancakes!

(as originally published at Sundog Tales)

With the holidays upon us, seemed a good time to share our recipe for Paleo Pancakes. These are a bit different than many similar recipes online as we designed them to be high density protein with a good dose of veggies - basically, a balanced paleo meal for times without the ability to cook. Turned out, they are tasty anytime!

Better yet - they taste a bit like cookies!

They are a sugar free, gluten free, organic, ready to go meal.

I'm sure the hemp powder we use can be substituted for other nut flours, we just needed the big protein gains during cold times without cooking.

Paleo Cookie Pancakes:

1 cup mashed squash
1/2 cup hemp powder
1/2 cup walnut flour
1/2 cup coconut milk
6 eggs

Lots of cinnamon (to taste)
Light cloves
1 tbl ginger powder
1/2 tsp salt

Mix the hemp and walnut flour with the coconut milk. Mix in the mashed squash. Add eggs and mix well. Add spices or substitute for pumpkin pie spice.

It should have the consistency of thick pancake batter. Can add a few chopped nuts or berries to the batter for texture and bursts of flavor.

Scoop 1/4 cup of mixture onto a hot skillet or griddle, use plenty of butter or coconut oil to prevent sticking. Cook on a low heat, they burn a little easier than other pancakes.

Flip each pancake when the bottom side firms up, like normal pancakes. Cook some more until done!

These tend to be thin, but fluffy due to the egg content. Two pancakes each makes a filling meal for us. I did not write down how many the recipe makes, but its around 9-12 cakes.

We usually eat these plain, but for special occasions (like birthdays) we'll put a little vanilla ice cream on top. Wow they are good!

It would be easy to substitute many of the ingredients. The squash helps balance the acidic nut flours, helps provide carbohydrates, and keeps the pancakes moist. Bananas, pumpkin, yams, etc would all work well in its place. There are different types of nut flours, you can experiment with finding the one that suits your taste buds the most.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


This sounds positively yummy. And with being able to substitute I can get the ingredients. Thank you so much for sharing a holiday treat.
Very welcome Pam! I love recipes with easily substituted ingredients, lets the cook make the flavor more their own. :) Big hugs, Lisa :)
Good timing. My sister and I are going to go paleo together. She's still working, so she needs a quick/easy breakfast and snacks.
Good luck with paleo Caledonia! :D These freeze very well and should make for a quick meal that way.

Hugs! Lisa :)
That sounds delicious! Haven't had pancakes since I gave up grains..
I find they satisfy that pancake desire, though I miss putting honey or maple syrup on them. Sugar and I don't get along so well right now, my yeast load loves it a little too much.

Happy holidays Cort! :) Lisa
they sound really good, but I can't eat eggs.....wondering if you know of any substitutes for those that might work?
Just made 'em. yum.yum.

I used chestnut flour for the walnut flour and buckwheat for the hemp powder and frozen raspberried, tossed into the batter still frozen. All went well and John actually liked them. It will be great to have something really simple to eat on the days he is feeling nauseated and eating has little appeal.

To celebrate Xmas eve we had some coconut ice cream with them tonight. THAT was very yummy.

Here are a few egg substitute suggestions, but no idea how they would turn out:
You can substitutue three tablespoons of mayonaisee for one egg in baking. I have tried this, and it works. The recipe I wanted to use called for two eggs, but I only had one. I subbed the mayo for the other egg, and the pumpkin muffins I baked were no different than usual. Or, you can mash half a banana with half teaspoon of baking powder. I haven't personally tried that one.

Other substitutions with less common ingredients (at least, they aren't common in MY kitchen!) are 1/4 cup pureed silken tofu OR one tablespoon powdered flax seed soaked in three tablespoons of water.
pamb thanks for the egg substitute suggestions....I also can't eat dairy, so the mayo wouldn't work, but the others are possible
My batched turned out pretty good too. I increased it by 50% because I wanted to used up the whole can of pumpkin instead of having it sitting around opened.

I thing I accidentally changed was the salt. I only used 1/2 tsp in my bigger batch. I thought it tasted fine (slightly sweet) and wouldn't have wanted any more salt.

So I'm not sure if 1 tsp salt in the recipe is accurate? Is that what you all use? How do they taste - salty, sweet?

I used Trader Joe's hemp protein powder which has some evaporated cane juice in it. Not strictly paleo, but not enough sugar to trigger my hypoglycemia. The green color was really interesting - lol.

For the egg substitution, I suggest using EnergG Egg Replacer. Because the pancakes are gluten free, if you don't use something that binds, it will be very crumbly.
Oh! hahaha - oops, indeed I had meant half a tsp of salt. To be honest, we don't measure the salt but do pinches, so it was all guess work anyways. hehe :)

I am thrilled to hear you both enjoyed them Caledonia and Pam! :D Fantastic!

I haven't a clue on egg substitutes, though anything that would help to bind the ingredients should work well. Might leave them flatter, but that won't effect the taste much.

I have seen similar pancakes made with almond butter - I bet that would work well instead of eggs. It would take some experimenting, but that's half the fun of cooking! :D

Big hugs and Happy New Year! Lisa :)

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