Life is an Ever Changing Wonder

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Its another sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest. Starting into the best time of year not too cold, not too many bugs, and a few more sunny days. It only lasts about a month, usually most of April though this year it is late.

Life has been moving quickly for us the last few weeks. It seemed a slow, sluggish mire we had fallen into over the winter was going to plague us all spring. Then one morning someone turned the LIFE switch from off over to on and life began to take form around us.

Its odd to say life started when obviously Im still breathing and getting into mischief. However there is a difference between being alive and living.

This last 18 months I have found myself learning to live again and growing beyond my physical boundaries. Then the late snows in February and March crashed our health; it is very physically and mentally taxing to live in a tent during frequent snows. My world narrowed again to survival just getting by for another week, another month, waiting to feel less awful. Thankfully an easy allergy season helped and in April we started to move past survival and back into living again.

As I am happily remembering, there is also a difference between living and thriving.

Two weeks ago everything changed in 24 hours. Living became Thriving. I think the last time we found ourselves thriving was in 2005. Before that 2001, during the few months before life took a nose dive into the world of chronic CFS/MCS.

Its been a long, hard road we walk in this life of illness.

The big news going along with this change is that we finally will have the means to find indoor housing. Yup, this couple in the woods will one day soon become homeless no more.

I find the prospect both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

Where will we go? What sort of place will we rent? I honestly dont know, though we are planning on answering those questions this summer. With a bit of luck, well be indoors by November; weve had enough of living outside during Winter.

Times like these it is hard not to jump into the first opportunity that comes along. Our health concerns and the restrictions it places on housing means we must move slowly to ensure a safe living situation is found.

It also means we opted not to see the naturopath last week. As we are not certain to be staying in the local area, we didnt want to establish care with a new doctor (a costly endeavor) and then repeat the process in another few months. However, we have followed up on a considerable amount of blood work through Dr. Buscher and will know the results in a few weeks.

Where to live when the world has suddenly opened itself up to you once more?

How to get there and more importantly, how to find safe housing?

What type of change will all this have on our health?

I am looking forwards to finding the answers to these and other questions, which swirl around in my waking and dreaming thoughts.


Big hugs and lots of support for the next stage in your life and all the planning involved in this. :)
Great news Lisa - after how many years??? It will be a big change - one with its own challenges and opportunities. Congratulations. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Good luck!
Thanks Cort! :D

9 years, 4 months, and 2 days ago we moved into a tent.... been a long time. :rolleyes:
Lisa;bt4873 said:
Thanks Cort! :D

9 years, 4 months, and 2 days ago we moved into a tent.... been a long time. :rolleyes:

Lisa, I don't know your story.....almost 10 years in a tent, so cold!!
Was this voluntary, or.....?????? I can't even imagine.
Leslie;bt4886 said:
Lisa, I don't know your story.....almost 10 years in a tent, so cold!!
Was this voluntary, or.....?????? I can't even imagine.
Hi Leslie, nice to meet you! It's a long story, but I'm not sure how much I'd call it voluntary. lol

It's voluntary in that nobody forced us to do it, but being too broke for MCS safe housing and then other things that followed - that was most definitely never voluntary.

We did make a choice last summer to stay in the tent one more year and then re-evaluate if we had any new way to get out of it. There weren't any other options, but at that point I would come close to saying it was voluntary. Little could I have dreamed of how we are leaving this tent.

If you'd like to read more, I have the long version on my blog site. Here's the direct link:

Sundog Tales, Who I am

Mahalo! Lisa :D

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