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The art of Hugging

Everyone who knows me will tell you that in all my emails, live chat, any place that allows for more one-on-one text communication, that almost without fail I will close with a hug. Sometimes I will even get carried away and there will be different variations of hugs, such as from bunnies and kittens.

A fair assumption would be that I am this way out of my virtual life as well. But Im not. Not anymore at least.

As my multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) became more severe, I started noticing that the simple act of hugging could lead to the misfortune of transferring to my clothing someones perfume, scented laundry soaps, or almost anything theyve been around. This would cause a feel good hug to become also a toxic cloud that followed me for hours, making all my symptoms that much worse for the rest of the day. The price became too steep to pay for a moments worth of closeness and comfort.

I dont think I have ever run across someone with MCS speaking of this but it seems to me to be one of the greatest losses of my previously healthy life. The act of hugging another human being is something easily overlooked because it is so mundane as to be taken for granted. Yet almost everyone has a beloved memory of a hug received from a loved one at some point.

Mine is from the last time I saw my mom before I had to move two states away. I can still feel the tightness of her arms as she hugged me extra long that night. Almost as though she knew it was the last hug we would ever have before she passed on two years later.

Jeremy is now my only outlet for all the hugs I long to give the world, and he gets them throughout each day. He has long since stopped being surprised when I suddenly stop mid-stride and turn to hug him. I might hear a little complaint when Ive been washing dishes and the hugging urge becomes incessant, wet hands and all, but even then the complaints are only because the best spot to dry hands quickly is usually on his posterior.

To the person reading this, right now I am sending you a GIANT WARREN OF BUNNY HUGS and a LITTER OF PUPPY AND KITTEN HUGS. Enjoy!



I was really touched to read your words & thoughts.:)

You're so right.

Hugging can be torture for those with MCS, and not just hugging, but just being in the same room with family can be just as bad.:eek:

A couple of years ago, I couldn't wait to escape from my Brother's house on Christmas day for the simple reason that he was wearing an aftershave which made me nauseous.

I didn't have the heart to tell him & spoil what was a really beautiful Christmas, I just had to keep to the other side of the room for some hours & avoid being too near him.

aww, that's rough Vicki. That is one good thing about being this far MCS, those situations don't come up anymore. :rolleyes:

Thanks for posting here Vicki. I had thought I would get some sort of notification of it but I guess not! Sorry to have taken so long to get back here. :)

Hugs from some cute little baby goats!

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