Still on half of Joshua Leisk protocol

Latest update, NMN should arrive this week.

Going to change my diet a bit, adding a smoothie at lunch full of nut butters, hope I am not allergic!! So that I can increase my calorific intake without increasing my carb intake to about 1900 cals per day. It's been 1450 for ages and it has been really difficult getting it any higher than that. Avocado's are out of season and a real pain to buy all the time, so that didn't help.

Decided to switch to cashew butter, peanut butter, macadanian nut butter mixed with lacto free milk and then some goats cheese (25g) as I seem to tolerate that and it tastes amazing.

Last time I increased my protein and cal intake in May/June I felt pretty terrific, so this might help boost my energy levels.

I also woke up thismorning feel loads better. Woke up at 7.25am without any muscle fatigue and felt much more alert than I have done the last 7 days. So hope to feel the same tomorrow!
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