Still on half of joshua leisk protocol

So slightly odd turn of events, assuming I don't crash tonight or tomorrow morning I seem to be having the same energy levels as of Friday that I did 1 day prior to my first az covid jab. This is WITHOUT PEM and without any fatigue at all.

It's bizarre but I am happy.

I really need to post a long thread about all this on the forum but there's a very important catch 22 with this. I've been on the Joshua Leisk protocol in some flavour since April 2021. Throughout that I've gone through periods of feeling wired (not wired/tired) but hyper but without ME symptoms and I cannot crash from this hyper state either. But even when I haven't felt hyper, my sleep has been poor. I woke up at 6.30 am this morning, went back to sleep for 2 hours, woke back up and I was basically ready to go. My first oat bran dose herxed me for about 30 to 60 minutes and then I was really full of beans.

Is this sustainable? Well as the levels of immune stimulation seem mild on the whole...I'll hazard a guess and say yes it is. But who really knows.

At any rate restarting or increasing the oat bran dose (beta glucan dose) from 2000mg a day to 6000mg a day or even 4000mg a day is enough to produce a very strong immune reaction (sleepiness, tiredness, potentially even fatigue, sore throat, possible cold like symptoms and ent nerve swelling and inflammation). This immune response appears to be strong enough to get rid of herpes viruses, but I suspect if these aren't you're main issue, it simply won't work very well for you. This might explain why it doesn't work for almost everyone with a few small exceptions.

I know of maybe 2 or 3 other milder patients who never really lost their mental function (my brain fog was pretty shit on this protocol until I re-introduced egcg, so please bare this in mind, it's another catch 22) - but benefited hugely from this protocol.

At any rate I now have to reduce the doses of a lot of things I am taking, simply so that I can sleep. I am only take 1 40 to 80mg dose of EGCG in the AM. This dose NEVER produced a strong stimulatory reaction, until after the flu jab.

It seems obvious to me now that ME so highly perturbs metabolic function that even if you stumble upon a treatment that might work for you, even if it's a reliably treatment...most are not...without almost any side effects...very rare again. The body will none the less try to adapt and reset. That's my only explanation for having TONS of energy the last 2 days.

I should also point out that I do not do any cardio of any sort when introducing exercise and I ramp up any activity very slowly. I only started doing this in June, but I think it's had a major effect.

2 weeks ago I couldn't manage a 10 minute walk without suffering bad symptoms, today I walked for 50 minutes with dizziness getting steadily worse up to the hour, but abating quite quickly.

I came home and took 1 Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics capsule and then did some pretty major chores without crashing or herxing.

Probiotics seem to be a fatigue buffer for me.

But another catch 22 - if herpes viruses re-activate properly, I'm doomed to weeks of functioning at say 60%. Today and yesterday I functioned at 80%.


This week I will be experimenting with the following

  1. Allicin max - trying to kill bad bacteria - I've still got a very mild bladder infection.
  2. Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics - recommended by many - dairy and gluten free - high CFU content - lots of the right bacteria which my biomesight report showed I was very low in.
Now that the vaccination road ahead seems to be made up of primarily lower dose boosters (I am determined to find and get only a Moderna half dose booster) - I am assuming that my rocky road with vaccines might be at an end.

I believe vaccines are the primary blocker in my ability to get beyond 80% function. But assuming I don't get covid which I am still very scared of, even though nobody else appears to be! I might even go into quasi remission.

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Joshua's latest research shows a quite clear connection between red blood cell abnormality and healthy people and in ME patients.

In 2018 and 2019 I used to drink gallons of Badoit sparkling mineral water. Here's snapshot of this amazing sparkling water:

Rich (BB code):
Typical Values    Composition in mg/litre
Calcium Ca++        153
Sodium Na+            180
Magnesium Mg++        80
Potassium K+        11
Bicarbonates HCO3    1250
Chlorides CI        54
Sulphates SO4        35
Fluoride F            1.2
Silica SiO2            27
Dry residue     180°C: 1100mg/L-pH-6
As you can hopefully see, it's very high in bicarbonate, sodium, calcium and magnesium. It's basically an electrolyte drink for those with ME. Sadly it was pulled from UK markets because the spring was being depleted, however it appears to be back now. Only problem is my teeth are now a problem so I doubt I'll be able to drink it.

But the point is Joshua has been giving these vaccine patients NAC and Bicarb with water in between meals 3x a day and their red blood cell abnormality's have gone away within a week or two. Of course I have yet to see any controls, which is a problem.

But when I drank this stuff it gave me A LOT of energy and I wonder now if that wasn't somehow down to its effects on RBC's. At the time I was also taking ginseng, so I am afraid that clouds things a bit. But if anyone can get this water I'd say go for it.

Small note this is naturally sparkling, NOT manufactured bubbles - therefore natural bubbles are very soft on the palette of the tongue and mouth. Unlike the harsh manufactured waters...which feel very different.


@godlovesatrier - I may have asked you this before (just can't remember!) but do you know how much bicarbonate Joshua is giving the vaccine patients? And is it sodium bicarbonate or in a different form? Unfortunately sodium bicarbonate raises my BP. There is potassium bicarbonate which shouldn't do that though.

Also I'm wondering if manufactured carbonated water (which I believe just has CO2, and not sodium) would have the same benefit?
Hey Mary,

Fairly sure Josh said he was doing a teaspoon sodium bicarb with NAC in between meals 3x a day. But I never had any issues drinking the water all day, I drank it for years, not sure if the water I was drinking had any major differences on the whole.

Yep you could definitely try any old sparkling water, but you'd have to check the bicarb content. The issue with those is the bubbles might be quite harsh on tooth enamel - but the verdict is out on this, nobody can decide if it's bad for your teeth or not. So bare that in mind.

You'd need to drink a litre or 2 throughout the day to see if it helped. It should increase your blood volume (good for ME patients) and it should help to fix the red blood cell abnormalities. I might try some sodium bicarb in water throughout the day, just need to get rid of a pesky ulcer first - my first one in about 7 months! arg.
I couldn't get that brand but I got some Perrier to try. It makes me sleepy and my nerves a little less jumpy but alas, no energy. :(

Plus, it says "low minerals" so maybe it doesn't count as a reasonable substitute.

It's weird though because regular soda water doesn't cause those effects in me.

I can't tell you what it has in it though because the label doesn't really indicate anything like you posted above, i.e. mineral breakdown.

Mine is flavorless and not sweet so no sugar but I'm super sensitive so maybe even the small amount of those minerals is affecting me.

Thank you for finding that for me!!! I really appreciate it especially since you're going through so much already. I was just reading your post on the main boards regarding prolactin.

Hopefully someone will have some answers that help you get that figured out.

(Watch out for kidney stones. I think I was reading yesterday how high prolactin cause those.)
Yep it might be the artificial aspects. Could be the bubbles to be honest. As it's all made in a factory. Badoit is from a spring.

I feel ok on the whole. But I'm worried that I might be better on borrowed time and it won't last. At least the doctors are bothering to look into me now.

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