Salt / C Plus Protocol

Just heard of this. Sounds very worth trying for anyone who thinks they have Lyme or parasites, it is relatively cheap. They are supposed to be great for healing adrenals too. I need it for adrenals more than anything.

I did not buy the ebook, and think it is unnecessary.

I already take Vit C (with bioflavonoids for better absorption) and sea salt but I will try increasing them.

With so much sea salt, I have to be more careful to get potassium. I doubt I can take potassium, magnesium, and sodium all in the right proportions.


The Salt and C protocol was a big thing years ago in an online group I was in... many tried it. It thou has caused big issues for some, mega doses of Vit C can cause issues (I never heard of anyone having a big issue with the salt thou.
It appears I am getting lots of sea salt already. I had no idea a teaspoon of sea salt is about 5.5 grams depending on the size of the crystals. My sea salt is finely ground. On average, I already get 1 to 1.5 teaspoons a day. I wonder if it matters if I get 2 teaspoons some days and 1.5 on others.

I will increase vitamin C by .5 grams at a time. I'm at 1 gram now on the days I remember to take it. I will have to spread it out which makes it harder to keep track of.

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