Resistant Starch

I decided to add RS2 and RS3 to my diet after reading the original post at

For RS2, I gave up on green bananas so I am using unmodified potato starch. Day 1 is Jan 15th. I added 4/3 T of Bob's Red Mill to my smoothie. I hope that wasn't too much to start with. I don't taste much difference. I think I will have to add extra sweetener. I will work up to 3-4T.

I haven't had time to read much besides that thread. I need to see if I can eat the potato starch with fruit, chocolate, etc so I don't need to eat it all at once in the smoothie.

I have to decide how much RS3 I need, if I need it daily, if eating it at night is okay, and what sources I will use. I limit grains, legumes, and potatoes in my diet so I am not getting much RS3. I like eating chilled cooked potatoes but I don't want to eat more than 2 small potatoes per week. Most grains will be hard for me to cook, so I am thinking of legumes.

Thanks again to the thread starter, @Ripley. I also need to learn about how else to repopulate my gut with beneficial bacteria.

We are supposed to start slow with the RS2, so I hope I have not overdone it. I think my gut is in good condition (because of diet improvements in the past 2 years), but lacking good bacteria. I am feeling like I should not drink the whole smoothie.

According to
"Legumes such as kidney beans contain a fair amount of RS, nearly 10g per cup."
"The amount of RS in a cooked and cooled potato is approximately 8g."
Wikipedia (at says the cooled potato is very low. They must be counting only RS2 not RS3?

I have looked over all the freetheanimal posts on RS, but most of it is about why RS works, what RS does, why low carb and other people are wrong, stories of it working, etc. I don't need to be convinced further that it's important. I am not finding out how much RS3 I need, only that total 20-30g a day of RS is suggested.

I may be able to get some RS from tapioca, cooked or cooked-and-cooled. I'm considering parboiled rice.

I'm impressed that RS can raise body temp.

I want to look into Psyllium powder, green ORAC powder, and Prescript assist SBO’s.

I used to get a lot of RS3 and RS1 (tho half of the RS3 was from gluten/corn sources).

Beans should be soaked 1-2 days. "The best beans nutritionally, as well as minimal toxins such as lectins (the soaking process removes much of these too) are: BLACK, LENTILS, PINTO. Red kidney beans are probably the worst."

Off topic but I want to save this quote "oysters are the most nutritionally dense seafood. Highest source of zinc on the planet. Hopefully, you adore raw oysters, so any time you see 'em on a menu, have some. Trader Joe's has decent smoked oysters that are packed in olive oil (instead of crap cottonseed oil like most brands—search it out). 1/2 - 1 can per day with your rice, or on some Glutino crackers is excellent. Also, mussels and clams are really fine. "

I did not have gas from the first smoothie, but I felt pressure which I believe was from the PS (potato starch). I took a few breaks and drank the second half of the smoothie over 2 hours. I will do 1.5T today.

Jan 21st: Today I take my 6th dose. I am having no problems. I am up to 2.25 Tbsp in my smoothie.

Jan 27th: I am on day 11 and up to 3.5 Tbsp. (I missed 1 day.)

Feb 1st: I don't feel any effects from the PS. In the thread it is being discussed to not take the PS with sugars. I take mine with fruits and xylitol. I am starting over, taking PS without these. I am starting at 2/3 T twice a day and working up. It is hard for me to remember to take this twice a day, at times I have no coconut, other fruit, honey, or xylitol. I believe in eating a good amount of fruit each day. (I follow similar to the Wahls diet.)

Feb 5th: I had my fourth day of PS without fruit yesterday, and it was about 2T, or a little less, today. I have only managed once a day so far. I have no gas or problems. I am getting some of the dreams people describe, but I notice it most when I am trying to fall asleep. I don't remember much of the dreams. I get random visualizations. I am liking that effect so far. I am noticing some other changes in me lately, but I don't know which are from PS. Good and bad changes. Some are from being in a certain part of my monthly cycle, some are from mental overexertion, some are from not taking some supplements, etc. I am not having less insomnia yet, but I feel like with more RS2, I may get rid of the insomnia or have much less. It is obvious RS2 will help me in some way, and may help with some big issues, especially sleep. I feel like it might be helping me with some mental functions already. I hope that it continues and helps even more. I have some many symptoms and need every improvement I can get.

Feb 9th: I have bad insomnia lately, but I don't know if it's from RS. It seems like part of the problem is from RS. I have been trying to eat some RS3 also, a chilled half potato most days. I probably need more but it's a start. I used to eat lots of RS3, and stopped 2 to 3 years ago, but I also ate a lot of bad things. I am not getting the visual effects much. I think I am not getting enough RS2 down to the colon where it matters. I need to keep increasing over the next week. I have been having softer stools which is probably from the RS2. I have taken the RS2 in the evening sometimes.

I am reaching that dangerous point where I lose motivation, so I hope other members here keep me on track. My motivation will go up and down and depend on what other supplements and treatments I'm spending energy on. I need to start bone broths and do some other things, and I have some difficult months ahead, I'm afraid RS will start being neglected. I need to streamline the cooking of potatoes (for RS3).

Feb 10th: I am trying to switch to morning doses of PS.

Feb 23rd: I stopped PS about 10 days ago. I was going to restart after 5 days or so, and I have not gotten back to it yet. My stool went back to my normal in the first day or few after stopping PS. I hope the change in my stool means I am not feeding an empty cage or feeding vipers. I have been trying to get RS3 every day or two, but sometimes I slip up for more than 2 days. I am feeling better in the past week, but I cannot be sure of the cause. I doubt it could be from stopping PS. I think it could be partly from adding more potatoes to my diet (like the Perfect Health Diet suggests), because with more potatoes I am eating less fruit and nuts. However, I have been eating more seeds (organic flax mostly). I have been getting more good oils. (I do not follow the PHD in a few ways, but my diet is similar. My diet is most like the Wahls Diet.)

May 6th: It has been over 2 months without taking PS. To go on a tangent, I have been eating potato chips sometimes, which has much less RS. I would crave the potato chips and binge on them when I had a bag. I am feeling like the potato chips give me brain fog but I believe they would not if I had enough protein before or during. I read that a good amount of protein about 3 or 4 hours before starchy foods will increase serotonin. I have been eating chilled rice at least twice a week for months. Back to the topic, I took PS for the first time in months tonight. Around 2.5 T. I have faith that the RS2 will help me. Soon I will be braver and try 3T, 3.5T, and 4T at once.


I read that many people start with 1T of PS, and some get no gas, but I am sure it varies, as you already said.
I'm going to give RS a try as well. I always noticed an improvement in bowel movement and the way it looks by eating food high in RS, unfortunately i was never able to make the link until a few weeks ago.
I´ll have an eye on you and others with this resistant starch thingie. I want good news hey!

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