Sugar suppresses immune system

I didn't know this. I will be cutting my sugar intake, and some other sweeteners.

If the concentration of glucose in the blood goes beyond a certain concentration, the white blood cell's 50-times vitamin C concentration can start to drop because of the large amount of glucose it's pulling in as a substitute for vitamin C.

In fact, at a blood sugar level of 120, the white blood cell's ability to absorb and destroy viruses and bacteria is reduced by 75%. This blood sugar level would be easily obtained by any normal person eating some sugar (cake, cookies, candy, soda or even drinking fruit juice). Further, it can take four to six hours for the vitamin C concentration in the white blood cells to reach that optimum 50-times concentration again.


I cut my sugar completely. I was only eating complex carbs when it cane to sugar. No fruits, rice, etc. It didn't actually help me though but I really hope it helps you. I'm still sticking to mine; just not as strictly though. A lot of people benefit from it :)
Thanks. I am only eating 1 item with sugar added anyway, besides the rare treat. I will have to replace it.

It is hard to replace each food because now I will have to stand in the kitchen for another 20 minutes. I need to get a lower table.

I eat plenty of fruit, however. I follow the diet by Dr. Terry Wahls. I am still disappointed that most people see great results within 2 weeks, and I am seeing very little. Hopefully with the next changes I will, because I am not eating a few things on the diet yet.
One of my specialists is blaming my severe POTS on my insulin/sugar issue. He did that today on the phone and told me he thinks it's what's causing it. (I guess he thinks the sugar..higher then normal blood sugar.. is knocking my immune system down which is then allowing something to attack my autonomic system.

shrugs I guess I'll see (i cant do anything more about my diet so have no idea what he's plannign to do about it).
If the diet your currently doing isn't helping maybe you need to get rid of fruits and treats. If that doesn't work then the diet may not.
my body reacts badly from sugar. also sugary fruits. pears, apple are the ones that arent so sweet that i can find but some are still so sweet. its hard to avoid fruits. and sweet food.
Yeah it is such bad stuff. Been trying to balance my blood sugar for 3 and a half years. I thought my 1 cup of tea with 1 sugar in the morning was fine - it was actually messing me up for the rest of the day! It's nuts. It is so hard to not 'treat' yourself. But now since I have cut out all sugars, grains, gluten etc I actually get better sleep. Wake once per night. It's really hard!

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