Insurance companies wanting ME/CFS to be seen as psychological

I just read something shocking on another site about ME/CFS. I do not know if the poster would be okay with me reposting, so I will not.

Supposedly one of our top ME/CFS doctors says there was an ME outbreak in the 1920's where doctors became very ill after vaccination which their job required. Insurance companies had to pay out huge, huge amounts.

Has anyone heard of this? Supposedly after that the insurance companies wanted ME to not be taken seriously.


Can you try to confirm this? This would be important information to raise awareness about. Thanks, Nielk
@Nielk I don't have any way to confirm it. I think the post I saw had the date wrong, and it is the 1932 outbreak described here Patients of Dr. Hyde's should ask him for more details.
Hi, there is something along these lines (it may be another lot of ME/CFS patients who became ill after vaccination) in which the info is supposed to be currently being suppressed in that info is being held from the public in UK. (being held from public until a time when we will all be dead).

We certainly are up against at least one big pharma company (vaccine) and insurance companies.
@justinreilly posted about "CFS" coming about in 1988, following the 1984 Lake Tahoe outbreak. "Federal documents uncovered by FOIA requests showed a key reason for the change of name to "CFS" was to prevent "chronic disbursements by insurance companies." (see Johnson, Hillary, Osler's Web)."

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