Room Full of Covid, Day 2 (at the Nursing Home)

Note: since "this" is happening, I shall continue writing about and documenting these goings on -

Winter / Fall

My roommate is a lot weaker due to covid.. and I keep telling staff members that he shouldn't be getting out of bed on his own, because he can barely balance (much less get to his feet).

So at 5am I am startled awake as my roommate is repeatedly calling out my name, stretched out on the floor. So I immediately call the front desk, who patch me through to the nurses station.. and help quickly arrives.

He's uninjured, but typically utilizes the restroom many times per day. Right now, he needs assistance each and every time, probably wheelchair only (or urinal), but my roommate appears to be stubborn. Or doesn't understand what's going on.. the risk. His situation.

And the other thing, he'll suddenly need to get up and go, but it takes a bit for help to respond.. so I watch him struggle to get upright, then teeter on the brink of extinction as he stumbles towards the restroom. It's frightening to watch.. rather stressful, too.

Note: nurse this morning said to call her immediately if he tries to get out of bed.. she'll come running

Rapid Test

Before bed (yes, I am ALWAYS in bed).. Ummm.. before night-night, I convinced the night nurse to rapid swab me. I'm not sure what the results are as of yet, but I'm halfway assuming they would wake me if I was positive. Right?

And my temperature is running a consistent 97.8 now, versus my usual 97.4. And that difference probably doesn't matter.

Note: negative on rapid covid test!


This wing is a lot more peaceful, versus the other. I'm not sure if this is a normal kind of thing, or if it's attributable to the situation. How many other covid residents are there?

Each of the other rooms is dark, doors closed. No sounds. Every so often I hear a cry for help. Or a "nurse, nurse!" And I see the staff going in and out of the rooms, fully dressed (face shields, gown, gloves, etc.). And no televisions. And none of these other nearby residents seem to be eating their meals either.


Each time a staff member passes by, they look into our room. They seem curious, likely wondering why a non-positive covid resident is within their midst. Or perhaps they are simply rubber-necking.. eyeing our room, post-destruction. The nurse was able to remove the metal tracking from the floor (and room) last night, so it could just be that we are wide open here.

Plus, I have the shutters flung wide aside.. so perhaps they are enjoying the majestic view (or curious about my "girl" shirt). Anyway, I've got access to Total Daylight Exposure! And better yet, I can open and close my window. Fresh air!

13 Days to Go until I am able to go back outside.

Fun Funny Funner

So, I'm sorta bummed out because I won't be able to see my semi-regularly scheduled Courtyard Passersby People for a while. This includes Hawk Girl (Angela).

But wait… just as I was left behind in my New Covid Room, she happened to be walking by down the sidewalk that leads around the building. And for some reason she looked into this room. And she looked right at me. And I looked at her. And I waved like an excited child, and she waved back in a similar manner (is that weird behavior?). And then she approached the window, suddenly lifting her left leg (yes, for the briefest of moments I thought she might pee on the shrubs!). Then she pulled up her pant leg, and wouldn't you know it, she was modeling Christmas socks! Okay. I'm not a Christmas person, but I appreciate her holiday enthusiasm. And her random act of wackiness.

Musical Beds

I may be on the move again. Or perhaps I won't be. At this point, it probably doesn't matter. Plus, I believe it's inevitable that I, as well as everybody else here, gets covid during the Omicron round. Really, I'm hoping none of my new friends or acquaintances die.


One of the shirts purchased for me is a "girl" shirt. If you are a girl, you probably know what I'm talking about. The neckline is scooped, the sleeves reveal far too much bicep, and my belly button is wiggling in the wind (yes, my window IS cracked open).

Is this a problem? No, not really. But it's the only shirt I brought with me from the other side. Yes, that's what they call it here. The Other Side. Now, I will look like a girl for the next 13 days!


I feel bad for my roommate. And thinking it's possible that he could die from the coronavirus, I've turned the television on for him. To His channel. Gunnnnsssmoke!!!


We only have one TV, and I have the remote, buttttt…. at least I can control the volume. So instead of pushing "88" we're dialed down to "18" - yep.

Curtain Assembly Status = RESOLVED

No Puffin's out here. But I did Spy the Hawk.

Okay then, take care,

Howard :)

Hawk Alert!


View with the Room


What I See



Thank God for that negative rapid. :angel:

That was nice that your roommate was cognizant enough to know to call your name for help. He's already gotten a bit attached to you. That's sweet.

I hope he doesn't die of this. Still praying. Poor guy.
Hello @Howard.....I'm sure you're plenty bored, especially if you don't like GUNSMOKE. Don't you even perk up when Miss Kitty shows up? Whatever happened to Chester? He was on TV for a while after the Big G.

Too bad about your roommate and falling. Do you think they're being more responsive to his calls now? Why can't he have the urinal near him on some paper towels or something?

Since your test was negative, are they planning to wait until you show up as positive? Truly, sometimes you do just scratch your head.

Don't worry about the girl top (did I send it??)......if you don't let your hair get too long a mistake won't be made.

Nice of Angela to show you a bit of leg, er....foot. Definitely cheaper than sending a Xmas card.

Do you friends know that you're on ICU? You'll have to get a message to them somehow. Does the grapevine in the Nsg. Home work really well? If so, they probably already know.

Stay well....stiff upper lip and all that. I hope both you and your roommate will get some rest tonight. Yours, Lenora.
Great View~! lovely sky and cool you can open the window, that helps.

That hawk looked like it has tail stripes. That might be NOT the red tail.

Of course my eyesight is now famously compromised, even with enlargement.

I think its a red shouldered hawk- longer tail with stripes, a more erect body posture when perched. Look for brick red in the body/chest if you see it again.
They hunt in forested areas- and more common in town with trees.

Girl shirts- something about the buttons are on the opposite side, and WHY is that?

Omicron news: possibly its making folks less sick- that would be good probably.

I swear I must have dreamt about that puffin painting....
I swear I must have dreamt about that puffin painting....
No, no, you’re right…I have posted it before :rofl:
Someone on Phoenix rising wanted an idea on how to paint pictures in her bed (or something like that)
And I suggested to use a tablet, iPad or something, as my me/ cfs friend uses that to paint.
and then I posted some pictures to show the possibilities…watercolours, drawing , etc
Among those I’m sure I posted the puffin.

I love the hawks, I can’t believe they are all around.
We have big birds in Norway as well, but don’t see them to often, as they keep themselves to themselves
Well @Rufous.....I didn't know the longer tails allow for quick changes in direction. Why do some birds have them and some don't? (Or do they all, just longer in certain species?). topic. Yours, Lenora.
OK @Rufous....I can't remember the movie I was watching last night either. If I really think about it for a few minutes, I can recall the plot, but the titles all run together and sound the same. The same as book titles....I simply can't go by them.

That would be a nice gift to yourself and you could continue your artwork with @Hufsamor's guidance. You, too, could produce a puffin! (Or something puffed up).

My granddaughter produces some rather elaborate pieces of art, plus you actually learn from the device. Why you could even have a show. Did my granddaughter give us a gift of art for Xmas? Of course not. Yours, Lenora.
Hi @Howard.....I'm trying to get out of here but this will definitely be my last stop.

I hope the room is empty b/c you're back in it by yourself, not because your roommate took a severe turn for the worse. In which case I can only assume that the negative COVID test moved you back to the other side and then outdoors to greet all of your friends and see Angela's socks up close.

Boy, if you didn't have another positive test for COVID, that's really good fortune. Your Xmas present for sure. But I'm getting ahead of myself....exactly what happened and when?

All of that healthy air must have prevented you from being trapped with the virus. I hope so, anyway. I also hope that your roommate will recover well enough. Yours, Lenora.
Brief update:

As of this morning I am sick.
Sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, and minor chest congestion.
I have been moved into another room in hopes of not catching covid (after 2 negative test results).

My roommate was experiencing difficulties. They were giving him oxygen when they moved me out. :-(

I'm okay. :)
to see how many consecutive hours of sleep Howard can obtain between vital checks. ;)
I can remember them bothering me, all those decades ago in the hospital.

They wake you up at 4 am and draw blood or otherwise bother you. Makes zero sense to wake up sick people, does it?

To remember films and shows- for me I tend to recall one of the actors then I can find it again.

I also send $3.50 to Wikipedia. They tell me I am done of their rare supporters.
As of this morning I am sick.
Sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, and minor chest congestion.
I have been moved into another room in hopes of not catching covid (after 2 negative test results).
oh, just too bad that the other colds and flus still exist to torment.

Hopefully all the Vitamin D exposure is helping keep things minor.

Alot of coming and going here, while I try to hide- making me nervous.

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