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R3 / Day 35

Hello Everyone,

It's been an interesting time the past few weeks. Items of note are:
  • There's a spring in my step on occasion - only lasts for a few steps, but is definitely there.
  • Some of my brain fog is clearing - my ability to process information is a bit faster, even if the memory issues (both long and short term) persist.
  • I don't always have to lay down after a shower these days! About 1 in 5 - 6 showers don't require rest afterward.
  • Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but it seems that while I appear to have plenty of energy these days, I don't have any stamina. PEM is still a huge problem too - especially if I partake of the "energy".
  • I usually have a discernible threshold for when I'm overdoing it and can slow down to prevent (or decrease) the PEM afterward. This threshold isn't kicking in definitively these days, so I'm having problems judging things again.
Saw a "Functional Medicine" provider last week who didn't know anything about the disease, but noted that it seemed like my mitochondria "need to be nourished". She gave me a diet plan and a list of potential supplements to try. I ran the diet plan by some of the PwME on Facebook and they weren't impressed. I ordered one of the supplements and it should be arriving on Friday. We'll see how (or if) it helps.

Along with the dietary information, there was a bunch of lab work that I had done last week for the Functional Medicine doc and for my Primary who's managing the Valganciclovir. Overall, things looked pretty good! The FM doc suggested that my B vitamins and my Folate were running low; and my micro CRP was a tad high (indicator of inflammation). The labs for the PMD all looked good.

In response to the lab work, I've increased my FolaPro and B-12 to daily instead of even numbered days.

Have a great week everyone!

Daily Level (0-5): usually 3, but has been 1-4 during the past week.

Weight: Haven't checked recently. *facepalm*

Labs of Note:
  • B-12: 386pg/mL Range: 213 - 816 pg/mL
  • Folate: 12.0 ng/mL Range: >=7.0 ng/mL
  • AST (SGOT): 22 U/L Range: 10 - 40 U/L
  • ALT (SGPT): 30 U/L Range: 0 - 55 U/L


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