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R3 / Day 9

Hi All,

Things are improving already. My wife told me 2 nights ago that she could tell the difference. I believe it was the quality of my conversation that was being quantified. Personally, I’m having periods of severe fatigue and periods of incredible “energy” without stamina. I’ll admit that I’m doing my best to not push things, but the little chores around the house that haven’t been done for months are slowly being completed. It’s a mixed blessing, honestly. Feeling fairly good right now, but having felt so very awful just days ago... It’s eye opening and jaw dropping all at the same time.

Still planning on taking things easy this weekend. One of Montoya’s rules is to not push things when you start feeling better. I may do one or two small chores this weekend, but not the whole house cleaning that I feel like doing (not that I actually could - the damn disease is tricky like that. Bait and switch tactics).

My lisinopril arrived today in the mail and I’m planning on starting on that tomorrow morning for my new hypertension. I firmly believe that it’s due to peripheral vascular resistance from the RBC Deformability issues that PwME have according to OMF. The eeason I think this is I had an echocardiogram a couple of weeks ago that mentioned my inferior vena cava was constricted which indicates a lack of fluid - while simultaneously having elevated blood pressures. Still thinking about how to confirm this. Am considering taking Vitamin E which has been shown in mice to normalize RBC Deformability issues. Maybe that would help with the hypertension? 🤔

Rating currently a 3-4/5 on the scale.
Weight today: 256.4#
Labs planned for ~4 weeks from now.
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Personally, I’m having periods of severe fatigue and periods of incredible “energy” without stamina.

That's a good way to put it. I'm trying Mutaflor right now and it makes me feel better but still no energy. Almost like the engine is getting a slight tune up but there's still no gas in the gas tank to go anywhere.

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