R3 / Day 12

Hi Everyone,

This weekend was rather interesting. Got a handful of small projects completed and was feeling moderately well. Then Sunday occurred. Spent too much energy in the mid-morning and had a nice PEM/PENE bedrest for the majority of the rest of the day. Bounced back some just before midnight - enough where my body didn’t want to sleep anymore. So 4 hours later (3:45am), I’m awake and having an impossible time getting back to sleep. My alarm went off to get me going for work and I reset it for an additional 45 minutes. Think I finally slept another 20-25 minutes before finally getting up.

Today wasn’t too bad, energy-wise. Was tired, but not overly fatigued (which was nice). Work was kind and I was able to keep the energy expended minimal.

Hope all your April Fools were pleasant! 😁🥳

Brent / ArgyrosfeniX
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