Pregnancy Week 27 Crashes but still little brain fog

Completely overdid it and crashed for four days. The Fibromyalgia was so bad, I couldnt move.

I made the mistake of thinking that as I was feeling good, and had more energy I could take the dogs for a walk. I only walked around the oval, so less than 10 minutes but the next day, I started to feel the effects.

My husband and I went to Bunnings (local hardware warehouse) and I managed to get around by pushing a trolley. My brain stopped working though, and I couldnt take in any of the questions my husband was asking. Tears welled up and I didnt think Id make it to the car. We were meant to go to an engagement party that night, but I went straight to bed instead for a couple of days.

I had my obstetrician appointment which is luckily less than five minutes drive up the road. She was unfortunately running nearly an hour late. I could hardly keep my head up and it was thumping. By the time I got into see her, I was a blubbering mess. She was really good and very empathetic, something which I dont see from my GP.

The baby is growing well and the heart was beating very strongly. My blood pressure was good and she is going to send me for the gestational diabetes check next week. I had my fortnightly B12 injection and it gave me a slight boost this time.

My brain was not fantastic but I wouldnt say it was in as much of a fog as it usually is. And as far as symptoms go, the fog I did have didnt last very long. I also seemed to bounce back better after the crash than I normally do.


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