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Week 38 False labour and high blood pressure

This week has already been eventful, Boxing Day started with some contractions about 20 minutes apart. My husband and I monitored the contractions through the day which was very hard as the contractions set off the fibroid pain which made the many pains hard to distinguish.

By 11 pm we had rang the hospital a couple of times during the day and they suggested we come in to get checked out. We are very fortunate that the hospital is only a five minute drive away so we packed the car and headed off.

The midwife did an internal and told us that while she did not think the contractions were real contractions, the baby was engaged and that I was in very early stages of labour. The midwife also monitored the baby and my contractions for a couple of hours as they were trying to get the babys resting heart rate and it decided to have a party so we had to wait for it to quieten down. She spoke to my obstetrician and as it was a public holiday the next day she suggested I go home and wait and see what happens and try and hold out until I saw the obstetrician on the Wednesday.

So off home we went again with a sleeping tablet and pain medication. The following day I had pains for most of the day and then they stopped completely. When I went to see the obstetrician the day after that, she said that the baby was definitely not engaged yet and it could be another week or so before it would engage.

I was so exhausted after two days of pain and very little sleep I just burst into tears. I had no strength left and I must admit was starting to get frightened about actually being able to deliver the baby naturally if I could not survive pre-labour contractions.

I had to go back and see my obstetrician on Friday and she took my blood pressure again. It was 145/95 so she decided to put me on blood pressure medication to bring it down. The blood pressure medication and doing absolutely nothing for the last few days has brought me back some energy and I feel in a much better place again. She also decided to book me in for an induction by controlled epidural on my due date so that I would not have to go through the pain in the first stage of labour and would be able to hold onto some of my energy to allow me to push at the end.

My husband and I also had the quietest New Years Eve either of us had ever had. Both sober and in bed by 10.30 pm, we felt like real old foagies. That didnt mean we had any sleep. The back yard fireworks started going off at 11 pm and then the legal ones were set off at the park up the road at 12 am. Both of our dogs were beside themselves. Our big kelpie/collie x spent the night shaking in the toilet and our King Charles x Beagle spent her time trying to climb on top of us in the bed or hiding underneath it. The back yard fireworks finally finished at 5 am but both my husband and I were wrecked again. One step forward, two steps backwards.


Holding you in my thoughts. I hope you have a restful week in anticipation of the big day. Best wishes for a smooth and relatively easy delivery.

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