Pregnancy Week 34 - Nesting!

This week has been a really good week. I have quite a lot of energy and this overwhelming urge to clean everything in sight. This usually results in me getting half way through something and having to call on my husband to help me finish the job.

So I'm slowly driving my husband nuts. Over the last couple of days I have had him help me take everything out the linen closet and refold it, take all the shelves out of the fridge and cleaned them, move furniture around and clear out my craft room. Luckily we had a hard rubbish collection so anything that wasnt tied down went out for council collection.

We also had blinds put through out the house to replace the old crappy venetians and home made curtains that were in our house when we brought it. The new blinds are fantastic and seem to be regulating the temperature of the house much better which in turn is helping with my FM pain.

I am starting to get pregnancy tired as well which is something I am not used to feeling. It is different from the fatigue tiredness in that I actually feel like I can sleep properly and as a consequence seem to be going off into a deeper sleep. Only to of course to be woken by mother natures pregnancy pee calls in the middle of the night and my hip pain, but the sleep I am getting does have some degree of refreshing about it.


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