Week 37 Christmas and lots of energy

I have had another boost in energy this week and have spent some time finishing off bits of shopping and generally helping my husband get the house in order for the baby.

We went out for a lovely Thai dinner with friends, but had to leave early due to my feet swelling to the size of footballs. Overall the swelling has been minimal and mainly when it is humid.

My husband and I sat in on Christmas Eve and watched my nephew on TV singing in the carols. Christmas Day was a short drive to my parents house, where I was told to do nothing all day. We had a traditional dinner with Roast Turkey, Pork, Plum Pudding and Pavlova. Baby had a wonderful time taking in all the different foods. I think it will be a Nannas mince pie addict when it is older as it became very active after consumption!

Luckily Christmas Day did not end up too hot, although it was very humid. Later in the afternoon the big storms started rolling in. By the time we drove home there was storms all around us but blue sky over the top of our house. The dogs were beside themselves when we got home, with our big Kelpie/Collie X hiding in the toilet for the rest of the night.

This week I also had the mucus show, so hopefully the birth is not too far away. My blood pressure has been up and down, so I am having to have blood tests every week to ensure things are still going good. My doctor is very pleased that I have only put on 10 kilos during my pregnancy, which will make it easier for me to loose the weight afterwards, considering my exercise limitations.


I am just now following your posts. Do you mind saying what supplements you continued on while pregnant? Any B12 shots?

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