I think P5p may be an important part of the puzzle for me. Everytime I take it (50mg) the brain fog and fatigue clears out, and I have energy. I also started taking astaxathin which seems to be great for oxidative stress. I'm going to try to move up to 100 mg of P5p today and see what happens. I do have elevated pyroluria, so I'm supposed to be taking it.

Issues identified so far:

Pyroluria (13.4)
Compound Heterozygous MTHFR
Elevated Ferritin (314)

Tests needed:

H Pyluria antibodies
ANTI-DNA auto antibiodies (auto immune profile)
C Reactive Protein
neck to sternum MRI?


Hi drob31,
I'm sure you know that P5P can be toxic if you take too much (like anything else.) From what I read, 100 mg is considered safe, but for higher doses the safety is questionable. Just want good for you. How did it work?
Hi Critterina,

Yes, I have read that. I have also read pyroluric's can handle a higher dose as they are defficient, however I have not exceeded 150 mg's. I have dro pped back down to 50 mgs actually. On days where I was not fatigued, I did notice an increase in mental clarity and energy. When I have fatigue, it doesn't seem to work. So whatever is fatiguing me is shutting alot of systems down that this can't seem to penetrate. Do you have elevated pyrolles? @Critterina

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