Energy has returned, but why?

Ok, so I noticed a huge increase in mental ability starting at 11 AM today. It seem like something swooped in and cleared out the fatigue and gave me energy. What was it though?

2 days ago I took 3 mg's of iodine which made me go hypothyroid again. I can tell by the hair loss. My theory is that iodine attempts to speed the thyroid up, but then something slows it down even more to compensate and makes the hypo worse.

In any case, hair loss is way down today, still a little itch here and there, but nothing like yesterday.

This morning all I took was 50 mg zinc, and probiotics. I had 2 scoops of brown rice protein, 2 Tablespoons of almond butter, and 1 organic apple. I mainly ate this way because I had nothing else to eat, so this was the best I could do. I notice the brown rice protein has 100% DV of iron on it. I have not had my iron checked. Also, I have elevated kryptopyrolles, so I know I need Zinc. However, could the answer be more complicated?

The other day I saw doctor rind who thought I had an issue with mold. He gave me something called EM1. I took 1 drop 2 days ago (forgot to take it yesterday). Could it have herxed me, killed the mold, and now it's clearing out?

So many possibilities. I'm considering working with Dr Neville from Clymer. My energy is very good right now. Please let it stay this way!
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