more stuff ups

I ended up quite sick and in pain yesterday.

I went a little to easy on the carbs ..and ate a dried biscuit and cheese with a glass of milk (21 gram carbs... a glass of milk actually has 13 gram carb, carbs are almost in everything so hard to keep right down). It sucks that I can eat so little carbs without it having very bad effects on me.

I ended up feeling depressed (to point I was thinking suicide, I almost rang lifelife), mood swingy and also got abdomenal pain (which I wonder if my anti-nausea and anti-anxiety pill caused) all cause I got a little lax with my diet.

I shouldnt have had the milk with the dried biscuit and cheese and I should of had a meat first to help the insulin response which my specialist has told me to do (meat 3 times a day before I eat anything else). It's hard to follow the food rules all the time that I know I need to follow.

I stuffed up yet again today with this other appointment. I was meant to fast for it for 12 hrs and I forgot I had to fast (lactose testing). I only realised my mistake this morning when I went to leave for the appointment and realised I'd confused what test I was meant to be having today thinking it was a Hoilter monitoring appointment.

So that's two appointments Ive stuffed up and missed in two days.

Ah well, the good news is my daughter is coming around today again as yesterday that baby just slept and slept so I didnt get to see her awake.

Got to try to sort out a mail order company today..

I ordered some stuff online from an Aust. online pharmacy and on Friday only recieved half my order in an half empty box. No docket or paperwork at all came with the parcel and the email I got from them said all my stuff had been sent out. So Im praying there is going to be no issues sorting this out.


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