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Tomorrow hope to go to ME/CFS society meeting

Tomorrow they have a retired ME/CFS specialist (Dr Ian Buttfield) giving a talk on ME/CFS and different medications, What to ask or tell a new doctor, How to manage your different ME/CFS symptoms.

Id been looking forward to possibly going to this talk for the past couple of months and was very upset earlier today due to the no transport help situation as I didnt think I was going to be able to get there.

It was to the point where I was about to pay out $100s of dollars and use a taxi as Im so desperate to go and speak to that retired doctor cause I just dont have a good doctor at all.. and the fact I was about to do that caused an arguement between me and my boyfriend over the money.

I rang the one in my town who also has ME/CFS to ask if she was going to go, hoping I could get a ride.. she said she'd told them she would be going but she's been ill in bed for much of the past 4 weeks so said she wasnt going to be able to go even thou she really had wanted to go and had things she wanted to ask that doctor and was stressing out as she'd really wanted to go. (her new doctor is trying to get her to do CBT!!)

I hope she didnt feel at all pushed as I was crying as I was so desperate to go as Im so desperate to try to get some help so need to see that doctor to see if he has any ideas on other doctors etc etc... I told her I can drive a little.

I havent driven in two years but I should be able to drive at least half of the trip there and back (my brain function of late has been much better so I dont think I will be driving throu red lights) and it should be okay if she can take over if I get dizzy and have to stop driving and visa versa. So we figured out that between the two of us both driving, we hopefully can make it there and back (its an hour to get there).

I told her Im taking a blanket to lay on the floor if needed.. so she shouldnt feel bad if she needs to lay down too.

Fingers crossed this is going to work out for both of us, its a bit scary as we both arent greatly able currently and this is really going to be possibly taking us both to our limits to do. I soo hope this works out and both of us are able to do it or this may be a bit disasterous (hate it if we ended up stranded in crash states and unable to get home. I guess if that happens I will ring a taxi and pay for that to get us both home as it will be my fault for convincing her for us to go).

This whole thing isnt really sensible in some ways but we both need more help then we are getting and advice relevent to our location.


Thank you NovemberGirl :)

I went and thought the talk was okay. Im happy I went :) .

The other I went with got what she had gone for out of it, (she needed doctors reassurance to rest whenever she needs to without feeling guilty). She ended up able to do all the driving, so she didnt have to put up with any of my possibly scary driving :) (I myself was scared about the possibly that I may be driving). Hopefully she's okay today (I havent rang her today in case she's in bed sleeping to recover).

my post on the talk http://forums.phoenixrising.me/showthread.php?15034-Dr-Ian-Buttfields-talk-3rd-Dec-2011

After I got brought home and I was asleep in 45mins and woke up a couple of hrs later with severely blurred vision the rest of the night to the point I almost rang an ambulance (I couldnt even see my hand properly) but are okay now. (just taking it extremely easy resting up today.. not cooking or doing any housework etc).

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