How the meeting with DisabilitiesSA went (another eposide in my saga to get home help

crap I forgot the name of the person who showed up to see me (He didnt have business card with his name to leave and now I cant even find the paperwork with his name on it).

Anyway. I put to him the question "why I was instantly rejected by him for support when another org had rang him trying to arrange help for me". His reply was he rejected my case due to it being rejected in the past by his org (for no other reason then that, it got rejected).

How pathetic is that.. orgs reject instantly without even finding out anything just cause you've been rejected in a past time by them.

So my next question to him was "why did DisabilitiesSA thou taking me on as a client, reject my case for home help or any other support? Are I being discriminated due to having ME/CFS?".

He replied he didnt know the answer to why I got rejected in the past before his rejection at all.. he wasnt aware of the details of my past assessment.

He told me he'd be truthful and that they are very busy as each worker has 100 disabilied clients to be dealing with, 100 to 1. He went on to say that all the orgs try to deal with the situation by just passing the clients off to other orgs. (I wasnt expecting such honesty.. at least I could agree with that that is happening).

Anyway.. he took all my details and said he doesnt know if I will get help or not (but if I do get it it wont be any for gardening support, He said his org isnt helping disabled in that area). He also said I wont hear if Ive been granted any help or not till next year. My case now goes to someone higher up then him to see if its accepted. (Hopefully that isnt the same person who previously knocked me back).

I suspect he may not believe in CFS as he seemed very surprised when I told him I was on a chronic health care plan (that was after I'd already told him just how disabled I are.. so I dont get why he was surprised unless he truely hadnt believed me).

My psychologist last appointment told me that possibly I could be sued for putting my experiences online with the persons names and to seek legal advice before doing so (she cares).

At this point I dont care, they can drag me to court which will may only expose how bad Ive been treated by them. Im telling the truth and this is the only way I probably will stop loosing and forgetting all the details of everything which goes on. It may be the only way I can end up proving just how badly I have been discriminated against or been very unfairly treated. I dont have a case worker to help me throu all this so can only seek emotional support here and try to help myself by posting here. My story will be told.

This info is now going on step by step as I go throu their org bullshit and discrimination bullshit which shouldnt even happen to start with. It isnt ME doing the wrong thing, its THEM. They all need to get their acts together. 14 years of niceness hasnt helped me and now Im just angry.


I was speaking to my boyfriend last night when he informed me I had another appointment with DisabilitiesSA on the 14th December.
I have no recollection of that being said during the meeting even right after the meeting but obviously it was and Ive blanked out or something or appeared to be absorbing info but just wasnt.
(no memory of that being said at all :( so I'd then been further stressed out by believing I wasnt going to hear again from them till the new year so thinking they were just delaying me. Thank God my boyfriend is sitting in on my appointments and then making sure I have got the info right).

A person from the "Home Assist" org rang me this morning saying someone had left them a message to ring me to see if they could take my case on, (Ive no idea who it was who rang them, I asked but the lady didnt know just said a message had been left by someone).

Asking being asked a few questions I got told I dont meet their criteria for garden help due to my age. (the lady was very nice thou and had been prepared to bend the normal rules if I'd been close to their criteria age).

To get any garden help throu Home Assist .. they only assist if one is aged 55 yrs with a disability and aged 65 years on the grounds of being "frail". Me .. Im only 40 or 41 years (I forget my age right now), so another 14 years before I can get any home help or garden support throu that org.

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