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What a day!!.. kittens and appointment

i was walking about my house today.. only half dressed.. with my front wooden door open.. when suddenly saw a guy coming at my door (hopefully he didnt see me half dressed at that point!!!). I fled into my room to get dressed. It turned out to be the guy from DisabilitySA again. Turns out I forgot I had a home visit.

Then someone calls me and makes me remember I was meant to ring the housing agency and then the electricity company back today before tomorrow as the electricity is meant to get put on in my new house tomorrow morn so I do that while feeling burnt out (I actually got somoene to make one of the calls for me as my energy is feeling too low to be chatting on phones organising things). Then I realise my support workers time to come and help me is clashing with the afternoon Im being taken to the city to put up my new house calls.. so I have to do another phone call to cancel that.

After the man from DisabilitySA leaves, then I get a phone call..... someone has seen my sign for a "give away timid kitten, not suitable for children due to its timid nature" and wanted to come to my place to see it. So at that point I had to then shower and do my hair to get ready for someone to come (so much for doing nothing today and just resting!!).

The guy to look at the kitten arrives... the kitten freaked out completely at just seeing him (I did warn him the kitten would take a few days to get used to someone) and was hissing and spitting at him (looked like it was about to bite him)... so the guy is backing up my hallway away from it looking shocked. He basically fled my house, not wanting to even then look at the other rescued kitten I had to give away too which isnt timid at all.

ohhh what a day.
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