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Tried a new GP

I had to get a referal for the CFS specialist next week and no way could I handle the thought of going back to my old GP for one, so had to go to a brand new doctor to get one. (so I went to one in the next town as none in my own town are suitable)

I arrived at right time and right day but at the wrong clinic.
Two different appointment stuff ups for that day , my eye appointment that day I'd arrived the day AFTER I was supposed I be there. I'd written it in wrong day in my diary. aghhh Im soo struggling just with arranging appointments and really needing help in that area as I just cant organise well. :(

The new GP turned out to be a VERY YOUNG doctor (looked like she's just out of med school) who specialises in womens health issues and has a gyno interest. She was completely fine about doing me a referal thou she dont know me at all (she trusted what I said). (amazing really that she was okay with doing a referal like that as I'd only booked a 15min appointment and not a double appointment)

Seeing she was so great about the referal (and about me getting there late due to me directing my boyfriend to wrong clinic and wrong town and then having to drive from there), I started questioning her to try to work out if she may end up being a good GP for me.

She sounded reluctant at the idea and said she was a very busy doctor due to her gyno interest and pregnant patients so didnt have much time to put into other fields. So I pointed out that seeing she was interested in womens health that ME/CFS 75% are women.

I think i got her interest too as I do have a lot of womens health/gyno kind of issues eg polycystic ovulation syndrome, premenstral dysphoric disorder, other female hormone issues. I think that is what may of swayed her into possibly accepting she could be my doctor. (it helped too sway my opinion towards her as well as I currently have to see a specialist in city for those things).

I then asked her what she thought of ME/CFS and CBT .. she very euthuastically replied that it helps CFS patients!!. (ah well, I was expecting that, being such a young doctor I doubt if she's ever seen a ME or CFS patient). I then said "what if someone has tried something like that before" and she replied she wouldnt then expect them to try it again.

I then asked her what her belief was about what causes CFS and she replied the cause of it wasnt known. (so I certainly gave her a brownie point for that response and decided she may be "trainable").

To test her out further I handed her some info I'd brought with me she she said she'd read it (that's far further then I get with most doctors). So i proceded to leave with her 2 pages from Dr David Bell on orthostatic intolerance in this illness and the types of it, along with another two pages on ME/CFS from another ME/CFS specialist (one Im going to see in Feb). So I really did leave her with quite a bit of reading.

She said she'd be happy working "under" a ME/CFS specialist, with the way she said it it sounded like she wouldnt like to take on a ME/CFS patient without that guidence. (so she will be no good for my friend who currently needs doctor but cant get in with a ME/CFS specialist at all).

She then said Ive had 14 yrs to learn about it and it will take her quite a while, many visits before she's even partly up to what I know about it. (so obviously she's not going to try to be superior about it.. two brownie points to her).

She did seem to have a rough idea of how severe this can be. (Im not sure thou to what degree).

I also asked her if she'd be willing to let me trial things and she replied as long as they werent dangerous and if I could bring in supporting info.

So maybe she is a possibility (the most likely issue may be she may decide she's too busy for a patient like me once she gets a full grip on just how many issues I have).

Im a bit unsure too if I'd recommend her to others due to her obvious ethusiasm over CBT but if she's trainable she could end up being a decent doctor esp since she's young. (I wouldnt want to waste my time trying to train someone who's in their 50s or older.. Ive tried that too many times before).

Anyway.. I probably need some good wishes sent my way with this. Ive tried so so many different doctors and really really need a GP within some kind of decent distance to me.

Are I being stupid thinking I "may" be able to train this doctor to be a good doctor???
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You are far far from stupid, what you are, is an inspiration. I love your attitude and logic on this.
After all the negativity you have encountered in the medical field, over the years, how ill you have been and how you have suffered, that you are still in there trying is amazing. Also you are thinking about others, your friend with ME/CFS and trying to fix them up with a GP.
The bigger picture is; it can only be beneficial to have more doctors gaining knowledge in the true reality of ME. And I think that you are very brave to keep on trying. What you demonstrate is tenacity or should that be taniacity :D
Just keep being you.
:) thanks. I needed so much to hear that I arent thinking stupidity after so much disappointment Ive had with them. Thank you.

Today Im very excited. I have that appointment with the path. professor this morning at 10am in the city (need to leave home to get there at 8.30am..peak hour traffic so will take 1.5hrs to just get there). Then its a 2 hr appointment from there. (Im going to be one very exhausted person tonight who then has another medical appointment, new CFS specialist tomorrow to see).

Unfortunately Im typing this at 5.40am (been up for an hour now and only had just over 4 hrs sleep :( ). Im "tired and wired" right now due to the excitment and I also did too much yesterday (trying to get xmas presents Im making finished, havent started to wrap them yet) so that has over stimulated my system.

****fingers crossed**** that the next two days are going to go okay for me. (I keep having to sing the song "i will survive" to myself).
thats great that you found a doctor that you seem to have some good positive thoughts about....its so very hard to find a good knowledgeable doctor with fibro/cfs...like so many i saw several doctors and specialist had alot of test..some come out and told me they didnt beleive in fibro/cfs and some didnt have to say it but you could tell they just acted uncaring about it all....hopefully this doctor will work out for you if not hopefully you will find one that will : )

these illness being invisible are often treated so badly...not sure how else to put in words im very tired but they are so debilitating yet so many even some doctors act like they are unreal and are so unsympathitic to those ill.....

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