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looking for blood glucose monitor and trying to sort out other health stuff

A pharmacist was quite shocked on hearing how low my blood sugar readings can go and said I should be having monitoring. She actually said the level mine goes down to at times is bad enough to cause some unconsciousness, so hence very shocked no attention has been paid to my low blood sugar (doctors just focused on my insulin issue).

Ive been wanting to get a blood sugar monitor anyway due to this issue so have started to look at them. I saw one yesterday with a great deal on it of $40 off of the $60 monitor but to get it one had to have actual diabetes hence the hyperinsulinemia and hypoglycemia arent enough.
It sucks, I really need one but dont qualify for the discount.

A couple of weeks back I had to spend money on the light block out blinds my ME/CFS specialist wanted me to get in regards to fixing my sleep issues. I got one blind up so far, just need to get helped to get the second one up (frustrating its taking so long as I need help with everything).
I also brought some cardboard to cover up a glass door which lets light throu. Hopefully I'll get it all cardboarded up in next day or two.

I had hypersomnia again today after boyfriends visit and going out yesterday to get necessary medicines and health stuff. Of late Ive been having to sleep up to 23hrs after each time my boyfriend visits and cant do anything the day after housewise as I need to completely rest.


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